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Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Thursday 16th December.- 3rd day of chemo

Temperature is still OK. Mind you, it is only 06.00, and it hasn't started yet...07.00 first meds to be taken.
Heartburn and palpitations have started.
Had a little bit of both on Tuesday afternoon, nothing to worth mentioning....
Yesterday, I had palpitations about 1/2 an hour of each dose of chemo med, again, short lived.
Heartburn has been getting progressively worse, in fact it woke me in the night.
Gaviscon is working.

Getting tired more easily than usual, and my hands shake a little sometimes, making it difficult to thread my gems when jewellery making. That is quite frustration!!!!!!
Although, having many wonderful virtues, (tongue in cheek), patience is definitely not one of them! Lol!
Other than that, all is well on the western front

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