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Wednesday, 8 December 2010

9th December

I have to go out today, running low on food and toilet paper, the important things!
I thought that I was getting used to not having to get up in the mornings, but I think that my body is so used to getting up at 05.45, even without the alarm, apart from a couple of days, I am wide awake and ready for the day with the birds! (Not that I can hear many singing in the morning in this weather).
I do make sure that they have food and stuff when it is cold and frozen. There are squirrels in the garden too, They are so funny to watch.
I am getting to enjoy watching Jeremy Kyle during the day, Oh, what decadence!!!!


Pearly said...

Jeremy Kyle! That's a habit you need to get out of pretty quickly!!

Carol said...

Yes, you're right, my saving grace is that I also watch loose women!

Pearly said...

Good grief! X