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Saturday, 18 December 2010

19th December, 6th Day of first chemo session

Good morning!
Up early again, temperature 36.1.
A bit wobbly on my feet this morning, but it wore of quite quickly.
Slight nose bleeds, like yesterday, nothing of concern though.
The only thing that is worrying me a little today so far, is that I can't 'feel' if I need to use the toilet!
I am having to toilet 'time' myself.
I can feel a small lump in the original site, the hospital is aware of this and it will be checked out on Thursday.
That reminds me, I must double check the appointment time because they changed it!.
I am getting tired early in the evening, but that is probably because I am up at 'silly o'clock' every morning!
The only other thing, is that I feel that my sight is not as it should be. I have had a recent eye test, and all was well.
It is probably due to playing on the computer and spending so much time making jewellery!
The snow is very deep here at the moment. The garden looks great. I am very glad that the snow is outside and I  am not.
I am a little 'hot house' plant on the quiet.
We are celebrating Yule on Tuesday, as that is when the family will be together, I am looking forward to that.
Anyway, as I said, the only concern is the 'toilet timing' right now.
Take care.

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