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Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Tuesday 31st July 2012

Went on the canal trip.
It was great, the weather was good when we needed it to be.
The 'crew' were great, and we all had a lazy day and a fab meal.

Dougal was very excited and enjoyed it all too.

Jean, Ann, Dave, Nikki, Dean, Mum, Roxanne Keith, Little Finley, me, Derek and Dougal enjoyed the trip.
Claire and Richard met us as the pub. Sadly Dot and Pete couldn't come due to work commitments. 'I missed you both!'
Claire had been to the hairdressers, and it looked really good......(don't tell her that I told you that though, it will go straight to her head).

No, really, Claire looked beautiful!

I was a bit worried because, like a plonker, I left the satnav in the front of the car, because I was so excited. I had visions of having a window smashed and the satnav stolen.......But, No, all was lucky am I!?
(Can't find my way out of a card board box without it).

After having such an exciting and active week and week end, I was so tired that I think that I spent most of Monday asleep!
I woke in time to help Jean get ready for giving her demonstration of 'spinning' for the 'Young Farmers'. It was a good evening and all were suitably impressed........
I find it interesting to.........did you you know, that any fibre, animal or vegetable can be spun it it is 1.5 inches or more long.....I saw some wonderful jumpers made from peoples pet hairs, both cat's and dog's, rabbit's can be done to.
Nettles, apparently are the 'poor man's linen',,,,,,,facinating.

I have some good and exciting news, although it is very scarey!
You know that I am trying to play the drums? My tutor, Harvey, is very good and patient with me,.............well, my ambition was to play one live number with a band...............
Well, on the 15th September, I have been invited to play one tune with a band called 'Kick up the 80's'. (In front of an audience of 300 people, I need to tell Harvey!
I am so excited!!!!!!!
Harvey, you are going to have to make me do it, increase the lessons, and DON'T LET ME GET AWAY WITH ANY POSTPONEMENTS!!!!!!!

I am sooooooo scared and excited and nervous, I can't explain.........

Yes! Play! Play the Drums!!!!!!!!

Saturday, 28 July 2012

Sunday 29th July,at silly O'clock!

Well, I decided on Wednesday that I would like to have a BBQ....Never had one before.
Did I have a BBQ to cook on? No.
So, off I went to get one.

Other than that, I did little..............

Dot and Pete got all the drinks, Derek and Richard went out and got the food.
Guests brought more food and drink, the weather held...............

Thank you all so much for doing all the work and allowing me to believe that I actually did some thing!

I did go out and get a gazebo, in case it rained, but the bloody thing had a tear in it and poles missing, so I have to take it back....thankfully, I didn't need it any way.

I have discovered so many more lumps and bumps, the older ones being bigger etc.....
I did yell you that the 'tight elastic feeling' was due to the lymph nodes expanding with cancer, well, I have the same sensation in my neck and need to keep my eye on that.

Today, a group of us are going on a canal trip, stopping for lunch and then coming back.....Mum particularly wanted to do this.
This is a whole day thing......sadly, Claire, Dot and Pete, can't join us on the canal, but they will meet us for lunch, hopefully, the weather will do me one last favour.
If not, it doesn't really matter the trip, and the company are the most important things.

Dougal will enjoy the walk along the canal.

Bit worried about Roxanne though, she has broken her little toe, and it is a bit 'precious' now, so..........

Friday, 27 July 2012

Friday 27th July 2012

Well, here we are again...............
Yesterday, I went to Compton Hospice and had a great time.
The 'pod cast' took place, that was easier than I expected, some one asked me questions, I answered, job done!

Didn't have much of an appetite, but the food was good, as always. 'Specially the puds! Slurp yum.

Can't remember exactly what I said yesterday, but here goes....
The lump in my groin is almost certainly the lymph node's tumour,and the lump to the back left of my heard is probably,,,,further lymph node tumour.

(I did suggest to my friend Claire, that it was my brain oozing out of a crack in my skull, she said,
'Don't be ridiculous, your brain is nowhere that big!'

I really don't know why I let her be my friend sometimes....I really don't......good job she's Tilda's person!

I went to dinner with my friend and X boss, Mike Smith last evening, that was very pleasant, and we did a bit of catching up, but alas, I had to cry off after about 1 1/2 hours because I could feel myself melting with tiredness all over the floor in the Wing Wah. Had a farewell hug and I was home for 20.00hrs.

Into bed, and slept like a baby 'till 03.00, (comfort stop and meds), back to bed 'till 10.00.
I did have a bad moment when I needed to get the bucket, but thankfully, it was a false alarm..............

I went into the shower to get ready for a Facebook friend, Carolyn Childs, and low and behold, Dot and Pete turned up with goodies for the BBQ!

Any way, half ready, I came downstairs, Dot had started washing up and had the kettle on, bless her.....(I didn't like to say that I was leaving it for DereK! LOL!)

At the same time, Carolyn came, so we all had coffee and a chat, it was quite good, I didn't feel under any obligation to rush around and didn't feel uncomfortable that I wasn't quite ready, in fact, it was like me and Carolyn had been chatting over the garden fence for years........

Dot and Pete left, so Me and Carolyn walked to the Wing Wah and had lunch and a great chat, came back home, had a coffee, I was tired but it didn't seem to matter because I was at home already.

Anyway, after a while, Carolyn went home, with a promise that she would come again soon.....good news!

I am tired now, so I will talk about the BBQ later tomorro evening, but for now, I need rest......

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Today, I have 'interesting' info to share, but if you are squeemish, I would leave this bit out.
1. My sickness is reducing, although, I still feel a bit nauseous.

2. You know I was having 'tight knicker elastic sensations? Well, I have a huge lump in my left groin, and a smaller on in my right, this probably explains that. In fact the lump is so big it is affecting the way I walk and mount stairs.

3. I have a smaller, yet fast growing lump to the top right of my head, I thought initially that it was a blind spot, but no, it is getting bigger, not a problem though until I try to brush my very short hair.............

4. Pain? Nothing that you don't already know about, apart form maybe, the constant throbbing to my lower right abdomen, I can actually pin point the exact spot....can't feel any lumps though.

Had a great time out yesterday after noon.
We went to Bistro Jaques again, in Shrewsbury, and then to Nero's Coffee house. The weather was great.
Travelling in Jeans convertible 'Smart' car was fantastic!

I was very tired when I came home, and slept like a brick!

Today, I am at Comton Hospice, and I am doing this podcast thingy.
This evening, I am going to dinner with an 'old boss', or should I say, a previous boss. (Lol).Sorry Mike!

Another picture of potentially some ones old boss!!

Tomorrow, I get to meet another Facebook friend....Carolyn Childs, so looking forward to that too.

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

24th July 2012

Had a great sleep last night, and slept 'till 10 ish.
Went back to bed and slept 'till 11.
(And......I didn't require the purple bucket!)

Shower and change to meet Grace O'shea at the station.
What a lovely woman.
Grace took photo's so when I get them from her, I will post....

This will have to do for the moment.......
Me on a horse, on my horse riding day.............

I had a great time time Grace, great to meet you after loads of 'on line communications'. Take care and best wishes to you and yours.

We went to the Wing Wah for lunch, chatted non stop.................
I became tired, Grace wanted to look around Wolverhampton and see the great architecture, for which Wolverhampton is known, if it isn't, then it should be!

Above, the old Royal Hospital.......................

Below, the Wolverhampton Magistrates Court.

Grace carried on with out me and I came home to sleep.
When I awoke, I wanted to go for a stroll, Derek came to make sure that I would be OK.
Me, Derek and Dougal off along the canal.
Sadly, I didn't make it to the end of the street.....(it is a relatively long street), so we had to come back. Next time I will drive to the canal, should manage it then.

Monday, 23 July 2012

23rd July 2012

Not really got a great deal to tell you today.
I have had a great week end, friends and family over, sitting in the garden and enjoying the sunshine..............

I was a bit unwell over the week end though, this was mainly in the evening/night.
Friday evening, Saturday evening and night, Sunday evening, all resulted in a 'purple bucket moment' or two.

Appetite, no, not really, just nibbling....thirst, oh yes, I am drinking for England.
I went to the Doctor's on Friday, and I am at the clinic on Tuesday, (tomorrow), when they will take some blood.......

Tired....yep, could sleep on a close line.
Pain, yes, not too bad though.

I may be going to see a FB friend in Birmingham tomorrow too, another one on Friday, here, most likely, and then 3rd August, two from!

I have packed and sorted a parcel to send to Wendy Brewer, so that should be on it's way soon.
(I am loosing enthusiasm for many of the things that I was very 'into' before).
So....I am less interested in my card making, so all of my gear, I am sending to Wendy, because she has started her own business, and she is very good....check her web site out at
alphabotts look for her on FB.

I am at Compton on Thursday, and I will be doing a 'podcast', no idea what it is.....but, so what!
Wednesday, I am at lunch with friends, Tuesday, bloods and meeting face book friend, Friday, meeting another FB friend, Thursday evening, out to dinner with a friend, Saturday, if the weather holds, I am having a BBQ, and on Sunday, a canal boat trip, just for the day, but it should be good.
Then, that is July done and dusted!
Lets just hope that I am well enough to carry on at this is knackering, but doing nothing isn't an option.

Friday, 20 July 2012

Friday 20th July

Well, I went to Compton Hospice on Tuesday, (not my usual day), as they had a 'laughter workshop'.
I had heard of them, but never been to one.
Initially, I felt uncomfortable forcing a laugh, but, after a short while, the laughter was real.

Laughing that hard made me ache, and increased my breathing pattern so it clearly did us all some good.

I was supposed to go out to lunch with Jean and Bill on Wenesday, but I really didn't feel up to, so I phoned my apologies and hopefully, I can go Wednesday coming instead.

Thursday, Compton again...I raised some money, so I handed that over.
I have been asked to help with a 'pod cast'. No idea what one is, but I said yes anyway. Should be making a start next Thursday.

I have also been asked if I would be willing to talk to The Trustees at Compton, if the occasion arose....again, I agreed, but this may not come to anything.

The T.V. ............. Still not heard anything, but I am led to believe that there is still plenty of time before a response is expected, so, I will just have to wait and see.

I wish I could say that I was too shy or coy for this stuff, but, alas, no..... I really want to do it.........

I had to go to the Doctors today to have some blood tests.
The primary reason is to see if I have developed Diabetes as I am showing some symptoms. It is a bit unlikely, but they will test of other stuff too.
I have developed a very sweet tooth and a frierce thist....(I suspect I have always had a sweet tooth, and the thirst may be a side effect to some of the meds.......

I am still feeling very tired, and could sleep on and off all nap time now.
Keith and Roxanne will be coming after today, so I want to be alert and ready for them.....don't want to waste time sleeping when they are here.........

I have been reminded that there are some pics that I said that I would put on but haven't, so I will get them sorted asap.
See you all soon, and have a great week end......hopefully a week end that may give you a tan, and not one that will just send you to rust!

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

17th July 2012

Good Morning!

My chair/bed is fantastic, I am getting a full night's sleep now.
I really can't imagine not having it now.
This, in turn, has reduced my pain, I have enough lively mind in the morning to revert to 'mind over matter'.
There is now no real need to increase my morphine.
Yes, of course I am still getting pain, but I can manage it again mow.
Still a bit concerned about throwing up and feeling nauseous.
It has been 3 times since Friday.

I had another drumming lesson yesterday morning. I had originally wanted to learn,
'Beat out the Rhythm of the drums',
from Carmen Jones. but it was too quick for me.
So, now, I will learn,
'Living on a Prayer', by Bon Jovi
'Act Naturally',
by Ringo Starr.

I know that Ringo's version is a cover, but I can't remember who did it first.
Please help if you can. Thanks.

Other than that, I had a quiet day, the week end was very active, so I really needed to rest..........

Today, I am having my first second day at Compton Hospice, I might just squeeze another nap in before I go....:)

I have mislaid my flippin' phone again, so any one expecting a call, please be patient, I know that I will find it...I am going to ring me in a moment..........

Oh,,,,,and in the next couple of weeks, I will be meeting 3 of my fb friends in real life.....Troy Simpson and Catherine Pitt from Australia, and Carolyn Childs from near fab is that???

Tomorrow I am out to lunch with friends, Thursday Compton, Friday off and Saturday and Sunday, a gathering here of friends and family......

Well, see you tomorrow, have a great day.

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Sunday 15th July

Well, I have had a busy few days. My chair arrived just before we left the house on Friday morning.........

Friday, Keith and I went for Brunch, which turned out to be a substantial lunch with Jean and Derek Oldale, we all used to work together over 6 years ago now, it was great to have a catch up.

After that, me and Keith went straight to Leicester.
On route, I had to ask Keith to pull over on the 'hard shoulder' because I was sick....not a lot though, and we were back on the road in no time at all.

This how I felt.....very conspicuous and uncomfortable.

Now in Leicester we saw Mum for a while, Roxanne was there. We spent a bit of time there, long enough for Keith to go and catch up with his friends for a while.
Then off to Banbury to see Dawn and Phil.
Dawn was full of cold, and was clearly trying hard to be the hostess, and was far to unwell.
Never the less, we all went to dinner at a Thai Restaurant. The food was delicious......bless, Dawn was flagging, she kept a brave cheery face on though.
When we got back to Philip's. Dawn tried very hard to stay up, but had to accept defeat, and retire.
We were not long behind.....what a knackering, but enjoyable day.......

Next morning, Dawn was even worse that the day before, so elected to stay home whilst the rest of went to see, Uncle Derek, who I hadn't seen for over 23 years. It was the first time that Phil, Keith and Roxanne have ever met him, so we were all really looking forward to it........

Any way, we were all getting ready, every one wanting to use the bathroom at the same time......
Again I felt sick and had to make use of the drain in the garden....most embarrassing.

It was at this point that I decided that we would come straight home afterwards....the best for Dawn, and for me....I hate people to know that I am being sick! Dawn could do without us being there, and although Dawn knew that we would understand, she wouldn't have relaxed, and I was uncomfortable being sick, when I knew that every one would understand.........
We are such strange creatures!

Anyway, off to Uncle Derek's. Liz, his lovely wife was there, with her fabulous hostessing skills.....
My cousin, who I had never met before was there, Beth, and she was with her husband. They had come just to meet us, which was fantastic.

Uncle Derek took us out to lunch, wonderful meal in a great place.
Another of my cousins came and met us there, Lee........he brought his 2 children, Holly and Harry.

I have met Lee before on a number of occasions, we always promised to keep in touch, but you know how it is.........
The children were beautifully behaved.

We learned so much about our family, it was great for Phil, because he is a newly found brother, so he learned lots too. (It has to be said, I learned a great deal too)!

We all exchanged contact details, and promised to keep in touch and visit....let's hope that we actually do this time.....

We then took Roxanne back to Leicester, she has to go to a wedding today............back to Wolves, and slept the sleep of the innocent all night on my recliner chair....such bliss.......

In fact, I am sitting in it as I blog.

Claire is coming with Tilda in a few minutes, we will drive to canal, and then take Tilda and Dougal for a walk, the dun is shining, let's hope that it stays bright and dry..........

Crikey, lots to say today, now to add the pics..............
Have a good Sunday!

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Went to Compton Hospice today....discussed meds.
We have a plan in place.
One of which is to measure the amount or morphine properly.
I have just been swigging out of the bottle, assuming that each swig is about 7.5 ml.

Well, I have learned that my mouth is small, and only contains about 4 mls.
So 2 issues here....I been taking less morphine that I though, taken less laxative that I thought. No wonder I am having problems! Lol!

Well, I have put a note book together logging what I take, and mention if I have increased the anti=sickness stuff.

All that I can say, is,
'How is a girl to know that she has a mouth smaller than she thought.....based on the amount of rubbish that comes out of it....verbally, that is. Lol!

Hey ho....start again.

I start 2 days a weeks at the Hospice starting next week, Tuesdays and Thursdays.

There is a possibility that I will be admitted just to level my pain meds, and make some changes,depends on my note book project, so lets hope that I get it right.

'Course, the other bit of good news is that Compton were looking for people to give some electric recliner chairs to, and I am one of the lucky ones. Based on the fact that I am having trouble sleeping, they are delivering it some time between now and Wednesday.
The furniture has been moved around to accommodate it...thanks Pete for coming to help.
I am so excited!
Thank you.

Keith came last evening, we had a nice evening meal at the table with Derek, Keith, Richard and me.....we haven't done this for ages, so that was good.

Today, Roxanne is taking Mum to the hospital for and emergency appointment to get her 'bloods' sorted.
Me and Keith are going for 'brunch with friends, then we will pick Roxanne up from Lleicester....(you know, the one in Wales)....Clearly, I mean Leicester.
From there, we are going to Banbury to see Phil and Dawn, Saturday to Huntingdon, then back here.
I am really looking forward to it!
I may not be able to blog until I gat back...Saturday evening or Sunday.

Thanks to you all for sticking with me for the last couple of years, and I really do hope that this is helping you as much as it helps me.