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Monday, 23 July 2012

23rd July 2012

Not really got a great deal to tell you today.
I have had a great week end, friends and family over, sitting in the garden and enjoying the sunshine..............

I was a bit unwell over the week end though, this was mainly in the evening/night.
Friday evening, Saturday evening and night, Sunday evening, all resulted in a 'purple bucket moment' or two.

Appetite, no, not really, just nibbling....thirst, oh yes, I am drinking for England.
I went to the Doctor's on Friday, and I am at the clinic on Tuesday, (tomorrow), when they will take some blood.......

Tired....yep, could sleep on a close line.
Pain, yes, not too bad though.

I may be going to see a FB friend in Birmingham tomorrow too, another one on Friday, here, most likely, and then 3rd August, two from!

I have packed and sorted a parcel to send to Wendy Brewer, so that should be on it's way soon.
(I am loosing enthusiasm for many of the things that I was very 'into' before).
So....I am less interested in my card making, so all of my gear, I am sending to Wendy, because she has started her own business, and she is very good....check her web site out at
alphabotts look for her on FB.

I am at Compton on Thursday, and I will be doing a 'podcast', no idea what it is.....but, so what!
Wednesday, I am at lunch with friends, Tuesday, bloods and meeting face book friend, Friday, meeting another FB friend, Thursday evening, out to dinner with a friend, Saturday, if the weather holds, I am having a BBQ, and on Sunday, a canal boat trip, just for the day, but it should be good.
Then, that is July done and dusted!
Lets just hope that I am well enough to carry on at this is knackering, but doing nothing isn't an option.


olddog80 said...

A podcast is a type of digital media consisting of an episodic series of audio files subscribed to and downloaded through web syndication or streamed online to a computer or mobile device. The word is a neologism derived from "broadcast" and "pod" from the success of the iPod, as podcasts are often listened to on portable media players.

Catherine said...

How wonderfully busy – enjoy all those visits and time spent in the sunshine. I’ve heard beautiful weather has been a bit rare this summer in England, but I’m hoping that’s now changed!

Carol said...

Hi Olddog,
I would like to say, thanks for that, it is really helpful, but, I still have no bloody idea what you are talking about! Lol!

Carol said...

Hi Catherine,
I will enjoy them, it is great to see friends.........the weather has been great since Sunday, Saturday wasn't bad. Hopefully it will last until end of August.......