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Friday, 6 July 2012

What day is it?

Friday 6th July 2012.

Not got a great deal to say today......................
I have only been awake for about 4 - hours in the last 24hours.
Because I keep going back to bed, I am getting really confused with the dates.
(This is not a first, and I don't really need an excuse, it happens any way> Lol!)

Just going to bed, and getting up again 3 times in a day excluding the first wake up in the morning, is really disorientating.

Should imagine that I will back in bed within the next 2 hours, after my final meds of the day.

The extra laxatives did the trick......phew!
Tomorrow I have to do a bit of shopping, Sunday, another lazy day, Monday morning, drum lesson, Monday after noon, off to Leicester to take the last few bits to Mum, come back on Tuesday or Wednesday, Compton Hospice on Thursday.......Friday out for brunch with friends, then a trip to Wormleighton to see Philip and Dawn, Keith and Roxanne will be coming. Saturday, all of us will visit Uncle Derek and Aunt Liz in Huntingdon, them back home.

Have a fabulous week end.

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