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Saturday, 28 July 2012

Sunday 29th July,at silly O'clock!

Well, I decided on Wednesday that I would like to have a BBQ....Never had one before.
Did I have a BBQ to cook on? No.
So, off I went to get one.

Other than that, I did little..............

Dot and Pete got all the drinks, Derek and Richard went out and got the food.
Guests brought more food and drink, the weather held...............

Thank you all so much for doing all the work and allowing me to believe that I actually did some thing!

I did go out and get a gazebo, in case it rained, but the bloody thing had a tear in it and poles missing, so I have to take it back....thankfully, I didn't need it any way.

I have discovered so many more lumps and bumps, the older ones being bigger etc.....
I did yell you that the 'tight elastic feeling' was due to the lymph nodes expanding with cancer, well, I have the same sensation in my neck and need to keep my eye on that.

Today, a group of us are going on a canal trip, stopping for lunch and then coming back.....Mum particularly wanted to do this.
This is a whole day thing......sadly, Claire, Dot and Pete, can't join us on the canal, but they will meet us for lunch, hopefully, the weather will do me one last favour.
If not, it doesn't really matter the trip, and the company are the most important things.

Dougal will enjoy the walk along the canal.

Bit worried about Roxanne though, she has broken her little toe, and it is a bit 'precious' now, so..........


Thandi said...

Enjoy the outing.

Carol said...

I did thanks Thandi!