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Tuesday, 24 July 2012

24th July 2012

Had a great sleep last night, and slept 'till 10 ish.
Went back to bed and slept 'till 11.
(And......I didn't require the purple bucket!)

Shower and change to meet Grace O'shea at the station.
What a lovely woman.
Grace took photo's so when I get them from her, I will post....

This will have to do for the moment.......
Me on a horse, on my horse riding day.............

I had a great time time Grace, great to meet you after loads of 'on line communications'. Take care and best wishes to you and yours.

We went to the Wing Wah for lunch, chatted non stop.................
I became tired, Grace wanted to look around Wolverhampton and see the great architecture, for which Wolverhampton is known, if it isn't, then it should be!

Above, the old Royal Hospital.......................

Below, the Wolverhampton Magistrates Court.

Grace carried on with out me and I came home to sleep.
When I awoke, I wanted to go for a stroll, Derek came to make sure that I would be OK.
Me, Derek and Dougal off along the canal.
Sadly, I didn't make it to the end of the street.....(it is a relatively long street), so we had to come back. Next time I will drive to the canal, should manage it then.

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