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Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Wednesday 11th July 2012

Hi each and all,
As you know, I went to Leicester on Monday and I arrived back at about 16.00 hrs today.

Mum has settled in really well, and Roxanne is looking after her very well.

On Monday, we popped into the City, only 5 mins on the bus, and we ate out....(my favourite pass time! LOL!

We spent the evening just catching up, just me, mum, and Roxanne.

Tuesday, Mum went out to lunch with her newly made friends, and Roxanne and I went to look for a dress for a wedding that Roxanne is going to on Sunday.

Roxanne is fussier than I am, and I thought that I was bad enough, so we came home with no dress for Roxanne, she saw nothing that she liked, and I came home with a pair of shoes....(show a girl who can walk past a shoe shop....not me), and a waterproof coat.
Ooooooo lovely it is.
Baby blue lace, that has been coated with transparent plastic, so it looks just like a pale blue lace jacket.

You know the song,
'I'm just a girl who can't say no'?

Well, it's from the film , Oklahoma.
I think that it was written about me and shopping.

What can I say. i'm in a tereble fix
I always say "come on, le's go"
Jist when I orta say nix!
When a person tries to kiss a girl,
I know she orta give his face a smack.
But as soon as someone kisses me,
I somehow, sorta, wanta kiss him back!
I'm jist a fool when lights are low
I cain't be prissy and quaint
I ain't the type that can faint
How c'n I be whut I ain't?
I cain't say no!
Whut you goin' to do when a feller gits flirty, and starts to talk purty?
Whut you goin' to do?
S'posin' 'at he says 'at yer lips're like cherries, er roses, er berries?
Whut you goin' to do?
S'posin' 'at he says 'at you're sweeter 'n cream,
And he's gotta have cream er die?
Whut you goin' to do when he talks that way,
Spit in his eye?
I'm jist a girl who cain't say no,
Kissin's my favourite food
with or without the mistletoe
i'm in a holiday mood.
other girls are coy and hard to catch
but other girls aint havin any fun
every time i lose a wrestling match
i have a funny feeling that i won
although i can feel the undertone
i never make a complaint
till its to late for restraint
then when i wanno i caint
i caint say no

(This is not my spelling, I copied and pasted so there!!!!)

Just splodged and vegged out in the evening.
This morning, I massaged mum's feet, legs hands and arms, because it really does help her circulation, then more vegging, spot of lunch and back home.

I had a terrible nights sleep, on both nights. The pain is not getting any better, as if I am expecting it too! LOL!
I am not feeling sick, so I can introduce some more morphine tonight and more tomorrow and see how I go.

I've done a little diagramme for you so you can see where I hurt if you want to, if not, don't read on..........

As I have mentioned before, my bowels are all the place, not literally, just from constipation to loose, from yellow to green..........
A funny thing is, my urine is heavier that the water!
My wee used to mix with the loo water, and it all looked the same, now my wee sinks, and there is clear loo water on top.....fascinating....really, it is........

I think that I may know what is causing the misbehaviour of my bowels and the tummy pain....(see diag. below).....Oooooo, I have always wanted to write that about one of my own 'diags'.

Any way.....get a grip!
Now then........
I can feel a lump in my right tummy area, just below the waist...if you put the heel of your right hand on your right hip, with fingers pointing towards your belly button, that is where I hurt, and it is also where I can feel a lump about two inches long by one inch wide.

Can't feel any other new lumps, but believe me, it doesn't stop my other bits from bloody hurting!

I hope that it makes sense to you and that you can read my writing.

you can read on now, all you softies!

Keith is coming on Thursday evening, then we are going to brunch with Jean and an old friend of mine, Derek Oldale....looking forward to that.

In the afternoon, we are going to Leicester to meet Nan, and pick Roxanne up.
Roxanne was coming here, but Mum has to go to the hospital on Friday morning to have her blood levels done as a matter of urgency. Of course, Roxanne has to go because Mum get muddled, and I like to know what is going on. I would have stayed in Leicester but I wanted to sleep in my own bed Dougal and Derek and go to the hospice tomorrow.
Derek has just gone out on his bike for an hour or so, so I am home alone, well not quite, Dougal is here too.

Anyway, back to the plot.
Me and Keith are picking Roxanne up from Leicester, and then going to Wormleighton, by Bambury to stay with Philip and Dawn, then on Saturday, we are all going to Huntingdon to see our long lost Uncle Derek and Aunt Liz.

Sunday, Claire is coming to visit with the....(ARE YOU READING THIS TILDA!!!!?????)
Beautiful, charming, intelligent and delightful Tilda!
And little Tilda, I have seen a lovely brother or sister for you,....did Claire say?
Naughty Claire! LOL!

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