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Thursday, 5 July 2012

Thursday 5th July 2012

Today, I have been busy.

I went to Compton Hospice. I tried to finish a painting that I started a few weeks ago.
This is a 'multi-coloured unicorn'. I added black, and didn't like it, so I spent some of the morning getting rid of the black.
Ooooooo, and I found some glitter paint......hehehehehe
I have to use it!!!!

The above picture has no resemblance to the one that I am painting in any way at all.

You know that I was talking about the T.V............
Well, today I had a screen test. Lol!
That was fun.
If I am going to be used in the documentary depends on if I pass my screen test or not.

What I can you though, is that it is a documentary on death peoples views and perception of it.
There will be three, maybe four, one hour T.V. shows.
It will be shown on an evening at 21.00 hrs. on channel 4.
The day is yet to be decided. It will be shown early in the new year.
Filming will start in August and end in October of this year.
It will be filmed by the same production company that did:-

Make Bradford British.

The great British Bake off.

So, hopefully, I will have further news soon.

This afternoon, Claire picked me up from Compton, and I went to my place of work to look at the new sensory garden. Well, it s fabulous!

This isn't actually 'it'.....(cos ours is better!) lol!

After that, Claire, Sandra, Leigh, Faye and Faye's mum, Maureen, went to Frankie and Benny's at 'The Fort' in Birmingham.
It was lovely, and fab to catch up with friends.

How do I feel?

Well, I am managing to introduce more morphine. Yes, it does make me feel sick, but I haven't been sick...I seem to be getting used to it as I introduce more into my system.
This is easing the pain, but I still have pain, just need to be patient........

The one thing that I forgot is that pain killers make you constipated, so I haven't been upping my laxatives at the same time. This has it's own problems, as you can imagine. I am remedying this right now!
Not that way.....I mean that I have increased my laxatives today!

So any one else introducing morphine slowly, PLEASE.....Don't forget the laxatives too.

Well, off to bed now, I am tired, in pain and constipated. Not a good place for this time of night....or any time at all really.


Thandi said...

I have IBS-C.Constipation might seem minor to some people but on top of what you have...I wish you lots of POOP!!!

Catherine said...

Congrats on the screen test – that must have been very exciting :)

Carol said...

Oh, you have my sympathy.....but thanks for your wish, it was granted! Poop Ahoy!

Carol said...

Oh it was exciting, I just have to wait now, and see if they pick me as one of the 6....fingers crossed!