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Saturday, 7 July 2012

Sunday 8th July 2012

Yesterday, I did little, but I didn't nap....I thought that if I manage to stay awake all day, I would sleep through the night.
That didn't work.

When I did go to bed, I thought, I have increased my morphine, enough....let's see if if you can sleep in any other position.
That didn't work.

I woke at 03.00 feeling sick....did the deed and returned to bed.
I woke again at 06.00 for another repeat.
I will be popping back to bed in a mo.

I think that I need not increase the morphine any more for a while, because it make me feel sick and tired again, so I will de-crease by one dose for a few days and try again.
Naughty, Naughty Morphine!!!!!!

He means naughty morphine, not naughty squirrel.

I have had a bruise on my left shoulder for a couple of days, and couldn't remember how I got it, then I remembered that I fell up the stairs a couple of days ago....Friday, I think. I was that tired all day I could hardly walk straight.

How do I feel????
A bit sorry for myself today....feeling sick is not good....any way, another couple of hours sleep amd hopefully I will feel better.

You promised your self no pity parties, so, suck it up!!!!!!!


Angelinthemaking said...

The way I see it, sometimes if it were someone else we'd feel sorry for THEM so it's OK to feel sorry for ourselves. I imagine my inner self giving my outer self a loving hug, or saying just the right things. In my head I'm doing that for you!

Carol said...

What fabulous advice Gabi, I will try and do this. Thanks! Hugs.

Anonymous said...

No sleep and nausea would make anyone miserable. You have every right to complain! You know how they advise new mothers to sleep when they can...perhaps you just need to do the same. Maybe you're not on a strict day/night schedule anymore. Hugs and wishes for rest and a settled stomach.

Anonymous said...

Hello Carol
I hope you felt better after you popped back to bed. You are entitled to feel that way ((hugs)) sickness is awful. I really hope that by decreasing the morphine you can start to feel much better so you can enjoy your food and gain some strength, being sick makes you feel so washed out doesn't it.

Wishing you a more restful night tonight.
Love Sally xxxx