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Tuesday, 31 May 2011

31st May - Day 1 of 5th chemo cycle.

I arrived at 08.30.
Pete, my brother in law picked me up and took me. Thanks Pete!

I have my blood level tested on Friday, but the levels of neutrophils were low, so I was asked to have another test.
The results of the test came back after about 10 minutes.
The levels were still low, and so the chemo staff nurse contacted my oncologist.
My oncologist said that I needed to go ahead with the chemo.

The following information was taken from

Managing a Low White Blood Cell Count (Neutropenia)

Chemotherapy  is usually given in cycles, with periods of rest that give your body time to help regain strength and replace healthy cells lost during treatment. However, neutropenia, a low number of certain white blood cells, is a common chemotherapy side effect of certain types of chemotherapy. In some cases neutropenia can disrupt your chemotherapy schedule.

A low white blood cell count means your immune system isn't as strong as it could be and that you are at increased risk for infection. The fewer white blood cells you have and the longer you remain without enough, the more at risk you become for developing an infection, which can be potentially life-threatening. 

As a result, your doctor may need to delay cancer treatment or reduce your chemotherapy dose until your low white blood cell count increases. If you are neutropenic and you develop a fever or get an infection, you may need to be hospitalized until your infection is cured and your number of white blood cells returns to levels high enough to fight infections. 

Neutrophil—The most common type of white blood cell. Neutrophils help the body fight infection. Since the most common type of white blood cell is the neutrophil, a low white blood cell count usually indicates that the neutrophil count is low. It is easier to get an infection and harder to recover from an infection when the number of neutrophils in the bloodstream is low.

As I mentioned...I also now have neuropathy, this is one of the side effects of the chemotherapy treatment. The drug responsible in my case is cysplatin. The dosage has been reduced, I will see the oncologist on 21th June, have more bloods taken  then too, and 6th and final chemo cycle on 21st June.
I was told that I will have a CT scan after that to get a 'benchmark' so that any changes can be see on the next CT scan.

The following info is from 'Wikepedia

The induction of peripheral neuropathy is a common factor in limiting therapy with chemotherapeutic drugs. Little is known about the mechanisms responsible for the development of neuropathy. Depending on the substance used, a pure sensory and painful neuropathy (with cisplatin, oxaliplatin, carboplatin) or a mixed sensorimotor neuropathy with or without involvement of the autonomic nervous system (with vincristine, taxol, suramin) can ensue. Neurotoxicity depends on the total cumulative dose and the type of drug used. In individual cases neuropathy can evolve even after a single drug application.  The recovery from symptoms is often incomplete and a long period of regeneration is required to restore function. Up to now, no drug is available to reliably prevent or cure chemotherapy-induced neuropathy.'.

I got home after 18.00hrs. Pete picked me again!

(This is me now!)

I will be massaging my hands and feet regularly with some essential oils, get my crystals out,...relaxation, meditation, massage......ahhhhhhhhh!
That will sort it out!

All in all, I feel relatively well, and more energy than after the 1st day of the last cycle, but Mum said that I look 'bloody awful!'
(Bless her, parents are getting more and more difficult to bring up).
I told her that I expect flattery and if she didn't comply I would put her in a home! Lol!
(Good job we both share a similar sense of humour!)

See how things are tomorrow, and I will let you know. (Not about Mum going to a home....about how I feel!)

Because she is as Nutty as a fruit cake!

Sunday, 29 May 2011

30th May - Day 21 of 4th Chemo session

Hope that you are all having a good Bank Holiday!
As usual, a grey and wet day here!

Nothing much to report.
Didn't do a great deal yesterday.....just chilled.

Day 1 of 5th chemo cycle tomorrow,
I will have more to say then.

Enjoy your day!
Take care!

Saturday, 28 May 2011

29th May - Day 20 of 4th chemo session

Morning all!
Well, yesterday, I went to take flowers to Sally and Wendy...if you remember, I left a bag of shopping in Wendy's shop......they both worked together to get it back to me.........

Anyway, I took them both flowers, and thanked them. I bought some more stuff whilst in town, and would you believe it......
Yep.....I left my purchases in another shop. I phoned them up, but my shopping had mysteriously vanished!!!!!

The purchases were papers, cards and ideas to paper craft.
My eye sight is not allowing me to do many jewellery projects at the moment, this is also making it difficult to read, so I thought that I would get some stuff to keep me occupied over the 10 or so days after the next chemo session.

Well, I am quiet upset about it because I wont have time to get any more stuff....Bank holiday Monday, so shops are shut, chemo I am scuppered!
Ho hum, my fault.............

Just goes to show, my mind is letting me down.
Leaving shopping twice in a week, when before this week, I had only done it once previously in my life!!!!!!

I don't know, I feel like I am loosing the plot!!!

Friday, 27 May 2011

28th May - day 19 of 4th chemo cycle

Yesterday, I took the details of the 'dilator' to my Doctor's surgery, so hopefully, I will get than soon, and can crack on with it.
From there, I went straight to the hospital to have my 'bloods' done.
This has to be done a couple of days before each new chemo cycle to make sure that my blood is recovered enough to have more  chemo drugs infused.
I wont know until I get there on Tuesday. So far, there have been no problems, and I am sure that it will remain so.

When I left the hospital, I felt really well, so I thought that a trip to Bristol to see Robert, my eldest son, would be in order.
To be honest, I would have gone regardless how I felt, because I really need to see him. It has been a long time since my last visit.
The drive down was fine. I saw Robert and spent some time with him, which was great. During my visit, I became quite tired, so I came back home before my tiredness became too much of an issue.
The trip home was uneventful, but I was really glad to get back. I was so tired and completely whacked.

I didn't sleep too well, and have been sitting in the garden with coffee since 06.30 this morning.
I will probably have a nap this afternoon.

Some of my friends and family have shown concern about yesterday's post. They gave me the impression that it is going to be a difficult time for me.
On the contrary!
Everything that happens from now on is a breeze after radiotherapy.

I am feeling positive, I am happy, and I know that once I have recovered from my last chemo cycle I will be as right as rain!

'Right as Rain' - how beautiful is that?!

27th May - Day 18 of 4th chemo cycle

Went to see the oncologist yesterday.
My chemo prescription has to be amended due to the tingly toes. This is apparently a side effect that can be serious. It can cause real mobility issues if not addressed.
One of the chemo drugs can cause the nerve endings in the hands and feet to be severely affected.
Well, it has effected them in my case, but so far, no serious effects.
We talked about my tiredness, well, apparently it is all accumulative, and I will become more tired for longer after each chemo cycle, and I should not expect to have the energy levels that I had before for a very long time time!!!!!!!!!
I am apparently expecting too much of myself, after having endured  huge amount of chemo and radiotherapy.
Well, we will see about that!

I talked about my continence.......not that I am incontinent, but when I need to has to be now! (Bowels)
As far as urination goes, I no longer get the sensations that I used, that tell me I need to what I have to do is toilet time myself, and make sure that I use the loo every hour or so.
The oncologist feels that this may be a permanent thing as she feels that it is an effect of the initial op. when the offending lump was removed.

There are concerns about the scar tissue in my 'nether regions', particularly internally.
The whole of my vagina is shrinking, and as I need to have many internal examinations in the future, I need to ensure that it does not shrink, because if it does, sex and internal examinations will be extremely painful.
The oncologist asked me to go and see the nurse who would explain.............

I was also told, that I will have to see Prof Murphy again, he is the 'cancer' specialist, to discuss the actual cancer....(Oncologists deals with the cancer treatment).
I will have a scan at the end of the treatment. This will not indicate if the cancer has gone, but it will give a 'benchmark' so that any changes can be identified after each scan.
It is expected that I will be having these regularly for the next 5 years.

Next...appointment with the nurse. She called me in about 45 minutes after leaving the oncologist.
The nurse explained the procedure.......

This is what I have to do..............
I will be prescribed a 'dilator'. I need to take the details to my Doctor, who will write a prescription for the dilator and some gel.
The dilator , when I saw it, is a dildo.
It comes packaged like Russian dolls.
There are 4 sizes, and they all pack inside one another.
It come is a cute carrying case!

Well, I have to start with the smallest.
It has to be inserted into my vagina as far as it will go, I need to turn it, and then take it out.
This has to be done daily for 6 weeks.
As and when I feel able, I need to move on the the next size up.
Once the 6 weeks is over, then I can do it just 3 times each week for at least 5 years.
I should expect some bleeding.
(I think that I've remembered it all correctly).

As I said...yesterday, I left some food at a shop in town, I was going to get it after my hospital appointment.
Well, I forgot. (No surprises there then!)
As I was at the hospital, I turned my phone off.

Well, Sally, a friend of mine, owns and runs the shop next door. It is called 'Angel Wings', and she sells crystals, tarot and oracle cards, fairies....wonderful stuff!
Sally gave my number to Wendy, she owns and runs a shop called 'Intricut Crafts', which is where I bought the craft stuff, and where I left dinner!
They had both been trying to ring no avail, because my phone was Sally brought it around last evening, and Wendy had it in her fridge all night!

How wonderful is that!!!
I will of course be thanking them both!

Thursday, 26 May 2011

26th May - Day 17 of 4th chemo cycle

Well, as I said, I am feeling better.

I am expanding again, and starting to look like the 'weeble'......... should return to normal at the end of all this.
My head is getting sore, so the little bit of hair that has returned will be falling out soon. I am not at all bothered about that though, because, as I said before, I quite like having no hair.

Mum obviously noticed that I had been feeling a bit down over recent days, and had a cunning plan.....a ruse!

So we went to town.

Anyway, when there, Mum said that she wanted to go to Marks and Spencer's to get some food for the evening and this we did.

I carried the bag, and Mum suggested that we went to a little Arcade that has all of my favourite shops on it....No argument here!

When there, Mum said that I could pick what ever I wanted and she would buy it for my birthday!

Oh, what joy! what excitement!

Well....into the craft shop we went.

I spent ages looking around, and then selected what I wanted. Mum bought it.
Thanks Mum!

It took me that long to choose, that as soon as we left, the shop owner locked up after us and left!

Pootled off to the car, full of excitement, couldn't wait to get home and play!

Arrived at the car.

You guessed! I left all the food in the shop!

So instead of the 'special' meal that Mum had planned, it was tomato and onion sandwiches all around!!!

(Small price to pay for a great 'play time' last evening!)

I am off to see the the Oncologist today.....11.30 this morning.
I will let you know what is said when I post tomorrow.

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

25th May - Day 16 of 4th chemo cycle

Went to the Doctor's today to get another sick note. I asked for one to take me to 4th July, I am hoping to be fit for work then.

The Doctor implied that I probably wouldn't be, and suggested that I go back to see him around that time to discuss further.

I need to see the Oncologist tomorrow, and have my bloods done on Friday.
Still having some side effects.............
Numb feet
Continence issues
Eye sight

Never the less, I am feeling so much better.

Hopefully, I will not be feeling so rubbish for so long after the next session, which will be on Tuesday 31st.
Good news is that I get to see the bank holiday feeling as well as I am going to feel before the next 'bash'.
Fingers crossed that the weather is just as good to us.

I was going to go to Bristol yesterday, didn't really feel well enough, today, Mum feels really unwell, and we were going to go together...just in case...........
Anyway, going to have another try to get to see Robert on Friday, straight from having my bloods done.

Monday, 23 May 2011

23rd May - day 14 of 4th chemo cycle


Feeling so much better today!

I have actually been out for about 3 hours!

Proving that  all I need is patience....having said that, it has never been one of my virtues!!!!!!!

Hopefully, I will only feel better daily until 31st...and even then, feel fine.
(I don't do patience, but I am good at wishful thinking!)

Sunday, 22 May 2011

22nd May - 13th day of 4th chemo cycle

Well, no real change.
I had a couple of short spurts of energy yesterday, so things are looking up a little.

Spending far too much time in the darker places of my mind.

I think that I need a party!!!!!!!!

I shall see what I can do.

Saturday, 21 May 2011

21st May - 12th day 4th chemo cycle

I was determined to do some things yesterday....
Showered and got 'stuck in' as I said I would.
Finished what I started, I had to force myself.............
Anyway, I have been asleep since! lol!

Resting again today.

Side effects that I have?

Tingly toes
Shaking hands.
Poor eyesight...(still, but no deterioration).
Unable to concentrate
Lack lustre
Dry skin
Sore mouth

Another 2 chemo cycles to go, and I am done!

Has it worked? No idea.
I am seeing the oncologist on 26th, bloods and weight on 27th, next chemo session 31st.

Thursday, 19 May 2011

20th May - day 11 of 4th chemo cycle

Still feeling really tired.
I couldn't muster up the energy to do anything yesterday.

Well....I have decided that I am not going to give in to it!
I am getting really bored, and I feel like I am vegetating.
Enough is enough!

Today I will FORCE myself to do stuff.

Shower, breakfast and forge ahead!

It is day 11 now, another 10 days, and I have to start another cycle.

Get a grip Carol!

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

19th May - day 10 of 4th chemo cycle

Previously at this time during the cycle, I have felt a little more energetic.............I am unable to shake the feeling of lethargy.........
I am in bed any time between 20.00hrs and 22.00hrs, and I am up at 05.30.
This is 8 -10 hours, on top of which I am dozing through out the day.

My ability to concentration is still limited, and I have little stamina.

I really need to go to Bristol to see Robert. I must get some energy!!!!!!!!!

Hopefully, the weather will improve a little today, and I will be able to potter about the garden.

The sun is trying to shine, this is good news, a bit of positivity glimmering through the trees.

Well, off for a shower now, and dress in my scruffs so that I can do some stuff in the garden.
I am really looking forward to it.

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

18th May - 9th day of 4th chemo cycle

Seems to me that each cycle of chemo is getting more difficult to cope with. I was clearly lulled into a false sense of security after the 1st 3 cycles.
Don't mis-understand me, they weren't pleasant, but I thought that I knew what to expect.....clearly not!

Starting to feel a bit better now, so that is good.
My temperature was creeping up was 37.6 yesterday. (I usually run at about 36.4).
This is a sign of infection. Anyway, I think that I have an abscess under one of my has been very painful.
Anyway....temp is slowly going down again now. (Which is great, because the hospital wanted me in if it hadn't come down...don't fancy that!)

I have got mild numbness in my big toe on the right foot. This is not improving. I know that there is some concern if this happens, but I am sure that it can wait until I see the Oncologist on 26th May.
Still sleeping quite a lot, but no where near as much as I did up until Monday!

All in all, today is a better day! Things are on the 'up'!

The Light at the end of the Tunnel

17th May - Day 7 of 4th Chemo cycle

Good, Morning, long time no speak.....
I would like to apologise for having left it so long before 'posting'.
I changed my internet provider, and despite promises that there would be no time without internet access, I was without for just over 1 week.
Services were resumed yesterday, late evening.

Under the circumstances, I would like to cover all of the missing days in one go, up to and including today, and then carry on as usual tomorrow.


12th May – 3 day 4th chemo cycle.

I felt very tired all day today, and as if all my positive energies had been drained by ‘energy vampires!’
I have been getting heart burn most of the day, tinnitus appears to be getting worse.
My sense of smell has gone all weird on me again….metal, metal, metal!!!!

I slept from 10.00pm through to 05.00.That is great.
I managed to get some chores done, but rested most of the day.

13th May – 4th day of 4th chemo cycle.

Slept from 10.00pm to 05.00am….no complaints there.
Still heart burn, tiredness and tinnitus.
I think that I am getting marks on my legs that were not there before…..a bit like liver spots, that I have on my arms, and had a couple on my legs.  There seem to be a lot more on my legs now, and some of them feel a bit rough. I will be going to see the Oncologist on the 26th, so I will get them checked out then.
My vagina is feeling quite uncomfortable. It is tight and I am very aware of it, but there is no pain.

Feeling lethargic, and frustrated, the weather hasn’t been the sort that is enjoyable to sit out in, and I am a bit of an outdoorsy type person.

14th May – day 5 of 4th chemo cycle.

Went to bed at 10.00pm, got up at 03.30am, spent  time sitting in the garden until 05.00am.
It was cool and dark, but very pleasant when the birds started to sing.
Back to bed at 05.00 until 10.30, back to bed at 12.15, up again at 3.00pm.

Palpitations, tinnitus, diahorrea, headache.
Very strange sensations in the vagina, and I had to start using the magic gel again.
As I said, no pain, just much discomfort.
Again, I have to guess when I need to use the loo, as I am getting no indications…I have to ‘toilet time’ myself.
My mouth is so sore and I have a raring toothache. I am unable to have any dental treatment until the end of all the chemo, due to possible infection.

It’s my cousins 60th birthday tomorrow, so I am hoping to be able to pop in and help celebrate for a while, so I will get as much rest a I can today, and hope. I know Mum will be very disappointed if we can’t make it.

15th May – day 6 of 4th chemo cycle

I woke up this morning with one of the side effects that I had completely forgotten about.
It started last night.
The feeling of tenderness in my neck…almost like a bruise.
This morning, the whole of my body is objecting to being touched, even by fabrics!
I feel as if I have been beaten up!
It is my back, neck, arms, leg and even innards!
Now that I have it, I remember it!  If it is like last time, it will only last for a couple of days each session, so I can cope with that.
The other thing, is my teeth. Still have tooth ache. My gums are bleeding and swollen, and my mouth is sore. Last time, I had nose bleeds as well, but they haven’t shown them selves.
All in all, I am feeling well.

I did visit my cousin on her birthday, and I am glad that I made the effort.
Not sure that it was the best idea in the world, but, it is all done and dusted now.

Once I have accepted that there are things that ARE going to happen, there are going to be things that I CAN’T  DO, things that WILL hurt…etc, I can adjust to the ‘new normal’, and just get on with it…what else can I do?
Not long now, and I will have completed the journey, and knowing that I have done all that I can, and have done all that has been asked of me, is starting to give me a warm feeling of satisfaction.

16th May - day 7 of 4th chemo cycle

Oh my............ definitely one of the worst days that I have had on chemo all told. (Radiotherapy is the worst).
I was sleeping all of the time, and the weakness was something that I haven't experienced to this degree since starting treatment.
I had to rest after having a shower, another rest after dressing..........I was so tired.
Slept the day away!

17th May - day 8 of 4th chemo cycle

I am not quite so tired today, although I am not exactly buzzing with energy.
The last few days have been quite interesting for me...they have certainly been educational!
I have learned a great deal about myself and what is and is not important.
This is all good stuff!
I have felt able to clear out all the dead wood in my my and life, it has been quite a liberating feeling.

Having cancer can certainly put things into perspective, it highlights the important things in life, and very easily dismisses all the rubbish!

Feeling Free!!!!!!

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

11th May - 1st day of session 4 chemo.(first 3 before radiotherapy).

I arrived at the hospital at 08.55.
I had to have bloods taken and urgent results before we could start.
The results came back, all was well.....chemo started at 09.20.
I arrived back home at 18.30.

I could feel the 'stuff' coursing through my veins,  particularly if it was a new bag, because there was the addition of the temperature change.

The hospital a  little concerned about my loss of appetite and weight loss. They want to keep their eye on it.

I am sure that it is nothing to worry about, I will soon expand again because of the steroids in the chemo meds.
Apart from which, it wont do me any harm to shed a few pounds, lol!

The meds I have taken home to use:-

Etoposide 100mg - 1 capsule twice daily for 2 days. 08.00 and 16.00.
 Must wash my hands after touching these as they are cytotoxic.

Cytotoxicity is the quality of being toxic to cells. Examples of toxic agents are a chemical substance, an immune cell or some types of venom (e.g. from the puff adder or brown recluse spider)
Ref: wikipedia.

Dexamethasone 2mg - 1 tab 3 times daily - for 3 days -  08.00 12.00 16.00
These are anti sickness, I think that this is the steroid.

Emend 125mg and 80mg - 1 daily for 2 days - 10.55
125 mg was taken at lunch time yesterday.
80mg take daily for 2 days.
More anti-sickness. They are bloody HUGE!

Domperidone 10mg - 1 or 2 tabs - 3 or 4 times daily if required for the relief of nausea or vomiting.

In addition I have to have Immodium just in case.
A laxative, lust in case,
Heart burn meds, just in case,
Sleeping tabs, just in case,
Pain killers, just in case.

I didn't sleep well last night, with one thing and another.
I went to bed about 19.00hrs, couldn't sleep, got up.
Went back about 23.00hrs, didn't sleep until about midnight.
I was up again at 03.30, and I am still up.
I went out in the garden and listened to the birds sing, that was very therapeutic.
I will try to catch up on some sleep when I have done this.

I did finish it once, but I deleted it instead of publishing it, so I have had to do it again. 
I nearly didn't finish it this time, because every work that I wrote translated itself in to Hindi!
Are there such things as blog gremlins? There must be!

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

10th May - 1 session of 2nd chemo cycles

Got to the hospital at 08.50 - arrived home at 18.20.

I am exhausted, tired, and feeling generally unwell.
Hands shaking,

Going to bed.

Monday, 9 May 2011

9th May

Well, I am still feeling very tired, and still surprised about itNo matter....I am reminding myself of what 'stuff' gets pumped around my body tomorrow.......
It is as follows:-....................................................................

Lots of different bags were put up and 'infused'.
I will try to remember the order.

  1. Saline
  2. Clear out stuff (About 5 mins)
  3. Anti-sick stuff
  4. Clear out
  5. 1st chemo drug
  6. Clear out
  7. Saline
  8. Clear out
  9. Ant-sick
  10. 2nd chemo drug
  11. clear out
There was another thing, sucrose or some such other thicker stuff some where along the line.  Thick and sticky! I think that it was before 1st chemo and clear out..........................

I remember that this had a negative reaction on my first chemo session, and a nurse noticed, and remedied it, by turning the speed of infusion down.

I am going to make sure that I get to do the cleaning before I go tomorrow, because I really don't know when I am going to be able to do it over the next 9 weeks or so.

I am not sure if I am going to get the same side effects as last time, less, more, the same but more intense, the same but less intense........?

I suppose that I am going to have to 'suck it and see', as my mother puts it! Lol!

Sunday, 8 May 2011

I will be having chemotherapy again on Tuesday.
3x3 weekly cycles.
As last time, I will be have 2 types of Chemo at the same time. Etoposide and Cisplatin. (EP/PE). 
These will be administered by drip and orally. This will take place over 4 days each week.

I am not looking forward to it, I can feel the stuff going through my veins, and i feel the changing temperature of the suff. It is uncomfortable and it restricts your movements during.
7-8 hrs, if not longer, is a very long time to sit still, no phone, no computor, the only thing to do is read...which I love...but my eye sight has changed since the last lot of chemo, so even that is difficult.......

The serious or frequently occurring risks are:-
  • Nausea*
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhoea*
  • Constipation with painful bowel movement.
  • Lethargy/fatigue**
  • Anaemia
  • Bruising
  • Bleeding*
  • Damaged kidneys
  • Damage to hearing
  • Damage to nerves to the ends of fingers and toes causing numbness.
  • Hair loss**
  • Lower resistance to infection.
  • Palpitations*                                                                  
  • Heartburn*                                                                    
  • Lack of concentration**                                                  
  • Continence issues**                                                                                                           
  • Drying skin**                                                                  
  • Bleeding nose*                                                              
  • Tenderness to the body*                                               
  • Headaches*                                                                  
  • Dizziness*                                                                      
  • Runny nose*                                                                   
  • Tinnitus (ringing in ears)**                                                                                                                       
  • Sore, dry lips**                                                                 
  • General irritability*                                                           
  • My 'innards' feeling heavy and tender*                              
  • Swelling and feeling bloated *                                           
  • Taste changes.*
  • Skin changes.**
  • Allergic reactions.
  • Blood clots.

Some of the above may be fatal.
May cause a second cancer to erupt in later life, usually a type of leukaemia, although this is rare.

* are ones that I had last time.
** are ones that I still have.

What have I got to remember?

Advice given
Drink at least 1 1/2 ltrs each day.
Don't drive yourself to the therapy.
Make sure some one is with you to go home.
Buy a very soft tooth brush
Make sure you have laxatives at the ready
Make sure you have rennies or gaviscon to hand
Put hand cream on regularly through out the day
Keep your lips moisturised
Get some mouth wash with no alcohol and rinse your mouth after every thing that you eat.
Keep moving to help with constipation.

Take my temperature twice daily.

Do not eat:-
Yoghurt with bacteria

A bit of general information about chemo
The chemo dose/mix is dependant on the patient, and would be mixed in accordance with the body surface area.
It is mixed with a 5% leeway allowance.
This is why it is important that I am weighed at each visit.
If I feel that I have lost weight, then I need to inform the hospital and go an be weighed to ensure that the correct dosage is 'mixed'.
This is pre-mixed, so if I have lost or gained weight and not enough notice is given, the next treatment will have to be postponed by a day to give time for the correct and safe dosage to be mixed.

I have lost weight since my last chemo sessions, but the hospital are aware.

A record book that I keep is updated at each visit. This looks at the different compounds within the blood..
white cells, red cells, platelets and bone marrow.

Chemotherapy is indiscriminate and will destroy not only the cancer cells that are fast growing, but all other fast growing cells.
This is why the side side effects are as they are, because they are associated with other needed fast growing cells within the body.

Red cells
These carry oxygen.
It is expected that this will become low, the chemo will induce lethargy and tiredness.
If I become short of breath and have difficulty climbing stairs,
this needs to be reported to the hospital immediately and may require a blood transfusion.

White Cells
These deal with the immune system.
The neutrofiles are a specific white blood cell, they are crucial for a normal functioning immune system.
When these specific cells are low this can compromises the immune system. These being low during chemo is common.
This can lead to risk of serious infections which may be fatal.
This is called neuropenic sepsis.
This is not probable but it is possible. In the event of this happening a blood transfusion will be required.
The main symptoms are high temperature, fever and/or shivers,
 this is why is is crucial that I take my temperature  2 - 4 times daily and report to the hospital if it should be higher than my personal norm.

They deal with clotting.
The signs are symptoms of these being dangerously low are nose bleeds and blue patches to the skin. This too will have to be reported to the hospital, (I can't remember if this would require a blood transfusion or not).

What to expect on Tuesday.
A heat pack will be placed over my arm and hand.
This is because the drugs that are going into my viens is very cold, and the veins need to be kept warn to keep them open.
A needle and cannula (the plastic thing that holds the needle in place and has the 'drug infusions and saline' drips attached), will be put in place.
I will be on a saline drip for the whole period as this also helps to keep the vein open.
Anti-sickness medication will be given intravenously before the chemo meds
This will take 6 -8 hours..

The chemo drugs that I will be given intravenously will be Etoposide and Cisplatin.
One of these I will be taking orally as well, but I can't remember which one.