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Wednesday, 25 May 2011

25th May - Day 16 of 4th chemo cycle

Went to the Doctor's today to get another sick note. I asked for one to take me to 4th July, I am hoping to be fit for work then.

The Doctor implied that I probably wouldn't be, and suggested that I go back to see him around that time to discuss further.

I need to see the Oncologist tomorrow, and have my bloods done on Friday.
Still having some side effects.............
Numb feet
Continence issues
Eye sight

Never the less, I am feeling so much better.

Hopefully, I will not be feeling so rubbish for so long after the next session, which will be on Tuesday 31st.
Good news is that I get to see the bank holiday feeling as well as I am going to feel before the next 'bash'.
Fingers crossed that the weather is just as good to us.

I was going to go to Bristol yesterday, didn't really feel well enough, today, Mum feels really unwell, and we were going to go together...just in case...........
Anyway, going to have another try to get to see Robert on Friday, straight from having my bloods done.

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