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Wednesday, 18 May 2011

19th May - day 10 of 4th chemo cycle

Previously at this time during the cycle, I have felt a little more energetic.............I am unable to shake the feeling of lethargy.........
I am in bed any time between 20.00hrs and 22.00hrs, and I am up at 05.30.
This is 8 -10 hours, on top of which I am dozing through out the day.

My ability to concentration is still limited, and I have little stamina.

I really need to go to Bristol to see Robert. I must get some energy!!!!!!!!!

Hopefully, the weather will improve a little today, and I will be able to potter about the garden.

The sun is trying to shine, this is good news, a bit of positivity glimmering through the trees.

Well, off for a shower now, and dress in my scruffs so that I can do some stuff in the garden.
I am really looking forward to it.

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