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Friday, 27 May 2011

27th May - Day 18 of 4th chemo cycle

Went to see the oncologist yesterday.
My chemo prescription has to be amended due to the tingly toes. This is apparently a side effect that can be serious. It can cause real mobility issues if not addressed.
One of the chemo drugs can cause the nerve endings in the hands and feet to be severely affected.
Well, it has effected them in my case, but so far, no serious effects.
We talked about my tiredness, well, apparently it is all accumulative, and I will become more tired for longer after each chemo cycle, and I should not expect to have the energy levels that I had before for a very long time time!!!!!!!!!
I am apparently expecting too much of myself, after having endured  huge amount of chemo and radiotherapy.
Well, we will see about that!

I talked about my continence.......not that I am incontinent, but when I need to has to be now! (Bowels)
As far as urination goes, I no longer get the sensations that I used, that tell me I need to what I have to do is toilet time myself, and make sure that I use the loo every hour or so.
The oncologist feels that this may be a permanent thing as she feels that it is an effect of the initial op. when the offending lump was removed.

There are concerns about the scar tissue in my 'nether regions', particularly internally.
The whole of my vagina is shrinking, and as I need to have many internal examinations in the future, I need to ensure that it does not shrink, because if it does, sex and internal examinations will be extremely painful.
The oncologist asked me to go and see the nurse who would explain.............

I was also told, that I will have to see Prof Murphy again, he is the 'cancer' specialist, to discuss the actual cancer....(Oncologists deals with the cancer treatment).
I will have a scan at the end of the treatment. This will not indicate if the cancer has gone, but it will give a 'benchmark' so that any changes can be identified after each scan.
It is expected that I will be having these regularly for the next 5 years.

Next...appointment with the nurse. She called me in about 45 minutes after leaving the oncologist.
The nurse explained the procedure.......

This is what I have to do..............
I will be prescribed a 'dilator'. I need to take the details to my Doctor, who will write a prescription for the dilator and some gel.
The dilator , when I saw it, is a dildo.
It comes packaged like Russian dolls.
There are 4 sizes, and they all pack inside one another.
It come is a cute carrying case!

Well, I have to start with the smallest.
It has to be inserted into my vagina as far as it will go, I need to turn it, and then take it out.
This has to be done daily for 6 weeks.
As and when I feel able, I need to move on the the next size up.
Once the 6 weeks is over, then I can do it just 3 times each week for at least 5 years.
I should expect some bleeding.
(I think that I've remembered it all correctly).

As I said...yesterday, I left some food at a shop in town, I was going to get it after my hospital appointment.
Well, I forgot. (No surprises there then!)
As I was at the hospital, I turned my phone off.

Well, Sally, a friend of mine, owns and runs the shop next door. It is called 'Angel Wings', and she sells crystals, tarot and oracle cards, fairies....wonderful stuff!
Sally gave my number to Wendy, she owns and runs a shop called 'Intricut Crafts', which is where I bought the craft stuff, and where I left dinner!
They had both been trying to ring no avail, because my phone was Sally brought it around last evening, and Wendy had it in her fridge all night!

How wonderful is that!!!
I will of course be thanking them both!

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