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Sunday, 22 May 2011

22nd May - 13th day of 4th chemo cycle

Well, no real change.
I had a couple of short spurts of energy yesterday, so things are looking up a little.

Spending far too much time in the darker places of my mind.

I think that I need a party!!!!!!!!

I shall see what I can do.


Carole said...

Dark places in our mind hits us all from time to time Carol..just go with the flow and it will pass.

Slowly slowly inching your way forward - remember no rush

Hugs xxxx

Anonymous said...

Crikey, has it all made you look like that?? Not an image that your brother wants in his mind!!

Crack on, everything will be great.


Carol said...

Hi Carole,
If any one knows about these dark places, I am sure that it is you!
Thanks for your positivity Carole. your comments really do help!

Carol said...

Hi bro!
Yes, I am sure that everything will turn out to be well in the end.....just taken me so long to recover after this last session...and I have to go again on Tues week.
As Carole said..I am probably expecting too much and am in too much of a hurry to get this out of the way...done and dusted.
Deep breath, and count to ten...anyway......I wouldn't mind looking like that image...dark, mysterious and alluring!
Not that i can be bothered with any of that rubbish right!