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Thursday, 5 May 2011

6th May

Morning all!

I was going to go to Bristol to see my son on bladder seems to be capable of the journey now, and I know that there are at least 3 service stations on route.

Well, Mum told me yesterday that she has to go to the clinic on Monday, so I can't go to Bristol! I wish that I had known before....oh well, I will have to go on Saturday or Sunday, probably Sunday, because I think that there is something that Derek wants wanted me to do for him on Saturday....(I wish that I could remember what it is)...........

Today, I thought hat I would have a lay in.......relax, chill, you know, a duvet day! Lol!

Well those plans just hit the dust.................

In a nut old, lovely mobile phone, practically fell apart in my hands, so I had to get another.
I bought an HTC Fire something or other....touch screen thing.
When Roxanne came, she set it up for me. Well, I carry the bloody thing around with me hoping that no one will ring! I can't use it, I think that I have just about worked out how to answer a call!

Any way....this morning, 06.00...the alarm went off on it.....could I work out how to turn it off? Noooooo!
So, after it woke me, let me snooze, and woke me again after failing miserably to turn it off, I decided to bury under the pillows and duvet to 'silence' it, and get up.
I am sitting in the garden, with my coffee.....the bloody thing goes off again, I could hear it in the garden! I ran upstairs, brought it down....(now, completely frustrated and exhausted....this running stuff knackered me for the day!)....I put the phone in the shed...Derek was there, getting something for work.
Well, he turned the alarm off and went to work. It is still in the shed.................

I didn't turn the alarm on, (I don't think), and if I did, why did I do it? Search me!
Anyway......I never want to see it again! Ever!

Give me a device that makes calls, takes calls, sends and receives messages, maybe, even take a couple of photo's... I have decided that I don't want or need anything else.
I don't  want to feel that I need a degree to speak to my friends and family!

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