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Monday, 14 February 2011

14th February - day 20 of 3rd chemo cycle

Side effects - usual suspects....
tinnitus, sinusitis, close up vision not too good, intermittent heartburn, tire easily,  lethargy and still peeing for England, and if I have to 'go', I mean NOW!!!

All of the above are mild and very manageable. I should imagine that they will become milder as the week goes on.

I was so tired yesterday, I slept in longer than usual in the morning, and went to be d early last night. Slept like a brick!
Had a lay in this morning too!!!

New side effect are expected from the radiotherapy, which starts on 21st, and they probably wont 'kick in'

I doubt that there will be anything interesting regarding the cancer and treatment to report until Monday.
So, I will take the opportunity to just waffle about what I am doing or not doing for the next few days.

 I am off to a wedding this afternoon, and supervising the decorating of the kitchen, well the last little bits anyway.

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