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Thursday, 3 February 2011

4th Jan - day 10 of 3rd chemo cycle

Hi all,
Looking forward to seeing my son Keith today, he is here for the weekend!
I will be picking him up from the station at about 13.30.

I have to take a trip to town this morning, and finish the cleaning that I abandoned yesterday because I became very tired.

Mild nausea, lethargy, tinnitus and  sore mouth are the only side effects that I had yesterday, so that was good.

Emotionally...well, on a bit of a roller coaster due to a bit of sad news and a REAL reality shock...neither of which are related to the chemo.
I am feeling vulnerable, hurt and under great pressure!
I will get over it!
I will rise again from the ashes!!!!!!!

I am going to concentrate on a wonderful week end with my son!!!!!!

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