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Saturday, 12 February 2011

13th February - day 19 of 3rd chemo cycle

I was really tired last night, and I slept longer than usual this morning.
Sinusitis woke me this morning. It is worse than usual, so I will take some pain killers.

I think that I may have over done things Friday and Saturday....
No matter, it was worth it!

I intend to cram as much 'good' stuff in this week as possible, just in case I feel a bit rough when the radio therapy begins on Monday........
If I sail through it, (which is my intention), then I will continue to cram 'good' stuff in, just because I can!

I am going to a wedding tomorrow, having new flooring laid in the kitchen on Tuesday, Clean the kitchen cupboards out on Wednesday, and sort the washing. (Been awkward washing for a few days,because Derek is decorating the kitchen).

Thursday, recharge, haven't decided what I am going to do on Friday, and out to lunch with a friend on Saturday, sort out any paperwork/post that needs to be done on Sunday....then...Oh, joy and rapture!
Radio therapy starts.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Carol, I feel Knackered just reading your intentions for the week. You take care dont overdo it. Ruth xxxx