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Monday, 7 February 2011

Still 7th - Questions and answers.

The questions that I put to the Oncologist.

Q.  Do you believe that the treatment that I currently under going is palliative?

A. No, we are aiming for a cure.

Q. Do you believe that completion of this treatment will afford me a 'normal' life expectancy?
A. We are trying and hoping.

Q. Based on the information available on this cancer, do you genuinely believe that this will increase my chances by more than 50%?
A. There is very little information on this type of cancer in the vagina. I believe that completing the treatment will increase your chances of survival.

The Doctors conviction and belief in what he was doing was inspiring.
We discussed things that could be put in place to combat any unpleasant side effects.

So, I have decided to continue with the treatment and place my well being in his hands and have faith in his very strong convictions.

My first radiotherapy session is on Monday 21st February, 10.15am.

When this was decided, I went in for a scan and measurements were taken.

I had to remove my clothing from the waist down.
I was placed on the 'bed' with my head towards the polo mint shaped scanner.
I had to have a dildo type object placed into the vagina and taped to my thighs.
The machine moved and jigged about.
4 points on my torso were marked with a marker pen.
These points were then marked permanently with a needle and ink.
These were placed as follows:-
1. Just above the hair, (or lack of) above the vagina.
2. On the right hip.
3. On the left hip.
4. 2" above the navel.

I am feeling quietly confident that all will be well.

RIGHT! Now I mean business!!!!!

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