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Saturday, 19 February 2011

19th February

The only things that are concerning me at the moment are:-
Lack of concentration,
Poor Memory,
Poor close up vision.
Continence issues.
Intermittent swelling of the hands, feet, face and neck.
Bloating and swelling of the abdomen.
And occasional  challenge regarding my co-ordination.

And, of course;
Radiotherapy on Monday.
I am trying to remember if I was less nervous, as nervous or more nervous than before my first chemo session. I think that it is about the same.

The other stuff seems to have settled to no more than I would have expected 'pre-chemo'.

The kitchen is complete! Blinds up...the lot! I am really pleased, it looks great!

Roxanne's wedding dress arrived today, so I am going to  protect it hang it up.

I am also going to sort out all my paper work , I have been putting it off for a couple of weeks now!

Have a great week end!

1 comment:

Carole said...

Hi Carol :-)

Found your blog through the link you left on CC.

Just wanted to say looking forward to reading much more from you - you are such a positive lady and it's impossible not to smile whilst reading your blog.

Thank you for sharing the link...

Good luck for Monday - I had Radiotherapy for rectal cancer last June.
I'll be thinking about you and hoping you keep us up to date with how you're doing.

Much luv, Carole x