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Saturday, 12 February 2011

12th February - day 18 on chemo cycle

Went to Wales.
Sapphire drove Roxanne from Leicester to me in Wolverhampton.
With a couple of breaks, I knew that I could drive to Wales.
The M4 was closed from Junction 23 to and including 28.
I had to go around the houses, and spent more time reversing to let oncoming cars by than I did going forward!
Instead of taking 3 hours, it took 4 and a half hours.
I was completely knackered when we got there!

After coffee and a break, we went for a walk around the grounds. That was great!
Going for a 'yomp' through he woods, stopping to look at the Lake, petting the horses in the field, the Hotel dog decided to accompany us. It was very pleasant.

It was very muddy and wet, I had my walking boots on, my jeans rolled up to my knees, and red brown and orange wooly socks that were hand knitted for me by a friend...a delightful look.

Today, Roxanne found the ruins of a Castle over looking the Three Cliffs bay, so on Monday, she needs to see if she is able to use it for her Humanist wedding.
The drive back was a lot better on the way back than on the way there.
All in all, a very pleasant stay.

The side effects were the usual suspects, but all manageable.

I am 'hanging' I am off.
Good night.

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