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Monday, 21 February 2011

22nd February - 2nd Radiotherapy session

As I explained earlier,
I have to have radiotherapy each day for 28 days. (I get week-ends off).
I was told yesterday,
"Looking at you notes, we are throwing everything at you, this is quite a high dose".
This has confirmed what I was told earlier by the is not palliative treatment, which is apparently lower doses to make the patient as comfortable as possible when little else can be done.
My appointment today is 9.40.

I will 'post' again when I return today, but in future I will post on my return from radio therapy, so it will be late morning/early after noon.

Right now, I am drinking, (well, I have finished it actually), my daily glass of cranberry juice.

Chat again later!
Have a good day.

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