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Monday, 14 February 2011

15th February - day 21 of 3rd chemo cycle

The decorating in the kitchen is finished!!!!!!
Floor going down today.

I need one of those 'larder' cupboards, you know, the tall kitchen cupboards, with a door and shelves inside, I can't fin done any where!!!!!!!

We went for a drink with the Bride and Groom yesterday afternoon, and she looked beautiful.

It was nice to catch up with some of the family.

Side effects......
Well, a bit of a surprise!

I need to wear incontinence  pads at the moment, because I am getting no warning when I need to use the toilet, it just comes! This applies to urine and faeces.
I really do hope that it is temporary!!!!!!
Based on my information, I imagine it may carry on during the radiotherapy, as it is a side effect, the faeces, anyway.
This started in earnest yesterday afternoon.

Please, please please be short terrn only!!!!!!!!!!!

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