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Friday, 25 February 2011

25th February - 5th radiotherapy session

Still felt as if the table was moving when I KNOW that is wasn'
(That was supposed to be the theme from the Twilight Zone!)!

The side effects should be kicking in on ,Monday or sometime soon after, although, I did shit myself this morning! Thankfully, I was at home!
I made the necessary arrangements before leaving the house to ensure that if it happened again, it would remain my secret, and I wouldn't share the experience with the whole of the Cancer hospital! lol!

I feel particularly bright and cheerful today...... and it is definitely one of my best days,but I am aware that everything that goes up must come down, so I am bracing myself!

Yesterday, I was walking around a shop, and one of the shop assistants said to me,
"You look very modern, are you one of the gypsy types or an artist of something?"

I was quite flattered really, because I have always wanted to be eccentric, lol! I think that I must have made it lol!

Today, 2 people that I have never met before, stopped me to say how much they liked my outfit, how great it looked, and that they wish that they were brave enough to wear something like it.
So 2 strikes lol!!!!!! (I am wearing a different outfit to yesterday, pinks and purples yesterday!)
(Wearing orange and black today).

Tomorrow I will post a pic of me today...on a good day, and then I will post a pic of me on a bad day, the next time that I have one...then you can see the difference.
Have a good weekend!

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