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Friday, 4 February 2011

Sat 5th Feb - 11th day of 3 rd chemo cycle

Felt really good all day yesterday...I did get very tired at about 19.00hrs, but I stayed up until gone 22.00hrs.
I had a fitful night.
I was up at 02.00, went back at 03.00, tossed and turned until 04.30ish, then I didn't want to get up when the alarm went at 06.00.
Kept putting the alarm on snooze, and here I am at 06.40 with a cuppa!.

Yesterday morning, I went to the market and got some veg, then I went to pick Keith up from the station at 12.30. (An hour earlier than expected).
Back home for 1.00.
1.15, Dean, Nikki and Finley came to visit, and as they left at about 2.00, Dot and Pete came to visit.
Emma and Cameron came at about 3.30.

Wow so busy, so popular!!!!!!!
It was great to have so much going on for absolutely no effort!!!!!!

As I am a great believer in D.I.Y, I didn't even make anyone a drink, I got someone else to do it.
That is what I call  'management'.....delegation!!!!!

Still had a swollen body, sore mouth, sore throat, tinnitus, and that weird 'left arm thing' kept niggling all day.

Other than that..............GREAT DAY!

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