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Monday, 29 October 2012

To all of Carols followers and everyone who has given Carol support over the past few years.  Early this morning Carol passed from this world peacefully in her sleep. I know this blog meant a lot to her as a personal therapy as well as the support she received through it. Myself and my sister will endeavour to update the blog through to her cremation and then leave the blog and facebook live for anyone who wishes to reminisce or leave posts for Carol and each other.
Keith George
Loving Son

Monday, 8 October 2012

Hi everyone as you know, Keith and Roxanne have been keeping you updated on my behalf thank you both. Today i'm dictating and Roxanne is typing.
As you no i went in to compton hospice on monday 24th Nov to have my meds checked to make me as comfortable as possible.

I really enjoyed my stay, i was well looked after, i had use of a fabulous hot tub bath on a daily bases.

I got into a bit of a sticky situation, as you no i like the outdoors. As i felt i needed some fresh air i went for a wonder i wasn't aware i was not allowed to play outside by myself so off i went.

When i was time to come in the entrance that i normally use by the day center, was locked up for the night i tried other external doors they were locked to,

Anyway i had to use the main entrance, which i did.

The receptionist was a bit bemused to see me with my hospital bracelet on, now a little damp from the drizzle and wasn't quite sure what was going on so i had to say that i was visiting myself to regain access to my lovely warm bed that i was now missing.

On the following saturday i had loads of visitors, that many, that it was felt that it would be better for me to go home for the day, there was Keith, Roxanne, My mum, Tom, Ann and Dave, and Derek.

Roxanne cooked a fabulous meal for us all, as i think keith told you he and Tom were trying to run my mother through the political correctness of terms for some minority groups, this turned out to be a complete waste of breath, so the conversation was changed.

Round about 6:30 i became very tired and was taken home by Keith, Roxanne, Tom and mum.
When we got to the hospice, as they had never been before they wanted to see this supper bath i have been talking about, which we did as quietly as possible, never the less we got caught and i got told off for sneaking around.

On monday morning i felt a lot better, the doctors agreed so they said i could go home on the tuesday, mentioning the couple of mischievous antics that had taken place under my room number, so i was naturally considered responsible.