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Saturday, 1 January 2011

2nd Jan '11 - 20th day of 1st chemo cycle

Not a lot of change really, still woke with sinusitis, had a bit of a nose bleed. My  scalp stopped hurting yesterday, but started to hurt again just before I went to bed. Brushed my hair, and quiet a few hairs came out. I have noticed that they come out in the area that was sore.
This happens to be on the top, in the middle.
Shall look a bit like this soon!

Derek, Mum and me went out yesterday, we went to B&Q to get some stuff.
Well, we saw what we wanted, but they wouldn't sell it to us because it was the display model, and they had no others in stock!
Is it just me..........
Why do you want to display something you haven't got?
Why do you want miss a sale at a difficult time for retailers?
I wouldn't mind, but it is the 4th time that this has happened! And always at B&Q!
I tried to buy-
A shed, there it was, large as life! No, can't have it because it is for display purposes.... For goodness sake, you haven't got any, why display it!
A set of 5 wicker storage caskets! No, can't have that.............
A shredder, for the garden, you know, the ones that make chips from branches,...Can't remember what they are called, and something else that I can't remember.
I wouldn't mind, but I have only been to that particular B&Q 4 times, well, I shan't be going again!
Bloody madness, I was livid, spitting nails!!!!!!!!!
Well, I had a bit of a 'paddy'.
Mum and Derek decided that I should leave B&Q.
I did get a bit angry.

Keep calm, keep calm! Deep breath, count to 10.....................

Then we went went to have dinner at a lovely little place on the Stafford Road.
I had a Balti Kashmir, with naan and pilau rice. Mmmmmmmmmm, yummy scrummy!!!!
I pigged out and calmed down!

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