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Sunday, 30 January 2011

31st Jan - Day 6 of 3rd Chemo cycle

Well, here I am at silly O'clock again! lol!
My own fault!
Felt a bit 'delicate' yesterday, so I was napping all day, went to bed at 20.00hrs, and here I am!

I am not feeling too bad, certainly a lot better than yesterday!

I have noticed that I have swollen up like a water balloon....hands, feet, face.......hopefully that will all go as the day progresses.

No tinnitus this morning! That is the first time for yonkers!!!!

My body is a bit tender...back, shoulders, neck, but no worse than the last cycle, so that is good.

I feel as if I can carry on with ordinary life today, just as well, because I have so much to do!

I am looking forward to getting it all done........
Pick Mum's new glasses up from the optician,
Get some shopping in......the cupboards are running a bit bit bare....Talk about 'Old Mother Hubbard!'
Try the Wedding set that I made for my niece, she is coming this morning to see it.
Price up the other jewellery that I have made.
Check that the M.O,T went well on Keith's potential new camper van.

General cleaning and domestic chores, although, I can't say that that has filled me with with too much excitement! lol!


Alphabotts said...

Gee you do more in your state in a day then I can do in mine with my drugs and all. Maybe you are just a better person and pushes through things where I dont hehehe, actually I know you are better cause I sit on my fat arse and do little. Have a good day. Wendy xx

Carol said...

No, not a better person, I couldn't do a lot of what I do without all of your support.....
And you have your cards and stuff that keep you occupied