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Wednesday, 26 January 2011

27th Jan 2nd day of 3rd chemo cycle

Yesterday, Pete, my brother in law to me to the hospital,
Dot, my sister in law stayed for the first hour.
We arrived at 08.30.
Mum came in the afternoon.
We left at 17.30

I was so tired, and I kept dropping off to sleep.
I was told that my blood levels were the lowest that they had been so far, and this would explain my tiredness
Apparently, if the blood level drops further, and I become more tired, I need to contact the hospital.
If the level drops a further 0.6,  - a blood transfusion may be require.

Well, it wont, because I wont let it! (thank you slappers).

During the chemo, I felt great discomfort in my arm, (the one with the drip).
This was when the syrup type substance was infused, it was dealt with promptly by the nurse.

I was very tired and dizzy when I got home.

Slept like a brink until 02.00, when I need to use the loo, and I found it difficult to go back to sleep.
I can downstairs for a drink, I made a coffee, and had a bit of a surf on the net, went to take a sip of coffee, and it wasn't there.
Spent a few minutes looking for it.

A day of confusion ahead?

I had put it in the fridge! (I am hoping that this isn't how the day proceeds, lol).
I don't know though, it may be fun and liven up the day.

I am going back to bed now ..05.00.
See you tomorrow.
Have a great day!

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