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Monday, 17 January 2011

17th Jan - day 13 of 2nd chemo cycle

Had a great day yesterday, chatting and laughing over coffee and cake........

I have to wear make up or I look very pale and insipid.
My hair has pretty much all gone, and my eyebrows are thinning.
(The weird thing about that is, they are thinning where I want eyebrows, but all the little devils that I pluck out are still there! This means that despite loosing my eyebrow hair, I still have to pluck! Crazy!)

When I 'make up',  as I said, I have to darken my brows with an eye pencil.
Anyway, making up yesterday, doing my stuff, I have a number of eye pencils in different colours, the pencils look similar, and just have the colour written on them.

I had only painted my eyebrows in bottle green..... I had to wash it off and start again. I had to draw on my hand first to find the brown...that is how bad my close up vision has become lol!

Side effects
Sinusitis has kicked in, heartburn there all the time.
The other side effects that are there all the time have almost become 'normal', so don't really get a mention, like:
Toilet timing, tinnitus, tiring easily, lack of ability to concentrate, frustration and irritability.
Heartburn seems to come in a 'block' of time .
Sore body comes for a few days.
Nausea comes and goes, but get it more during the first 5-10 days. Complete lethargy and tiredness comes for the first 5-10  days. I will look back over my blog and do a bit of a chart, that may help others, and me, when I am trying to plan an outing or visits etc.

Hmm, that will be a nice little project for me.

See you tomorrow, have a good day.

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