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Thursday, 6 January 2011

7th December - day 3 of 2nd chemo cycle

Up at stupid O'clock again!
Felt a bit delicate most of the day yesterday.....
Very tired, nauseous, but I wasn't sick, so that is good.
Headaches, palpitations and heart burn.Managed to keep them under control.
Used paracetamol, anti-acid tabs and rest, so everything is in place to make things as easy as possible.

Still taking temperature twice daily and that is stable, low, but stable.
Still have to take my chemo meds today, last day for a while. Next infusion of chemo meds in hospital 26th Jan.
It is panning out similarly to the beginning of the last cycle so far.
If it continues to follow the same course, and the same level, I should be over the worst in about 10-14days, get one very good week, and then start again.

So all in all, life is good!

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