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Friday, 21 January 2011

21st Jan - day 17 of 2nd chemo cycle

Well, here we are again, another day crossed on the calendar!
No too different to yesterday regarding the side effects.

I did some cleaning and washing, played on my computer,
(Quite honestly, I still tire easily, and I had a very active 2 days with  Roxanne, so I indulged in some couch potato time!)

I had a phone call from the Oncologist at he Hospital. This was yesterday afternoon.
He was asking if I was well, and how I was coping with the chemo.

Awww, how nice, I thought........

The reason he phoned is that I was supposed to be at the hospital, and he was concerned because I wasn't there!
I had forgotten.

See, I told you that I couldn't focus and concentrate very well!
So, I now have to go to the Hospital on Monday to discuss how I am coping with the chemo, and discuss the next stage....Radiotherapy.
I have to go to Hospital on Tuesday for blood tests.
And I have to go on Wednesday for the next chemo infusion.
This is the last cycle until after the radiotherapy, when we start all over again!

(Carol gives a big sigh of fed upness!)
Yes, I know, there is no such word!

Yep, that is how I feel!

My son Keith phoned me yesterday.

He was in a car crash. He wasn't hurt, nor was anyone else, which is great news.
Sarah's car is a write off though.
They live in the Lake District and it is still very icy there, and there are a lot of windy roads on hills.
I should imagine that he is as fed up as I am, because his car gave up the ghost a week or so ago, and had to be scrapped.

Well, these things are sent to try us, and try us, they bloody do!

All in all, I feel fine!


Wendy @ Alphabotts said...

Hi Carol, Just wanted you to know that I check in everyday to read your blog and make sure you are doing ok. Not that I can do much from here, but you are in my thoughts. Your strength and positive attitude is wonderful and hope that this helps to get you through your days. Noticed that you are in/near Wolverhampton, Jeff has family there, a few Aunts as his mum came from there. We were going to be going to ENgland in June this year for my 50th birthday bi trip but becuase of my illness we changed it to stay close to home (if you can call travelling around AUS close to home). Anyway, if we had of travelled, I would have loved to stop in and have coffe etc with you. Maybe after the Olympics we are thinking of trying again so keep your date book free for a Wendy visit in 2013, who knows we may just make it,
Take care and see you on Face book. xx

Carol said...

Thank you Wendy, your comments are very much appreciated.
You and Jeff are more than welcome to stay here with us whenever you choose.