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Sunday, 9 January 2011

9th Jan - day 5 of 2nd chemo cycle

Good morning.....
Not too early today, 08.44.
I go to bed at 19..00 last night, get up at 02.00this morning, go back to bed at 04.00 and then got up again now.
I have to be careful or I will not know if it is night or day lol.

Still have heartburn, poor vision, tinnitus, lack of concentration, my hands are shaking.
I can't tell if I need the loo, and have to continue 'toilet timing' myself, and I am constipated.
(I have taken senacot every night since the 5th Jan,) doesn't seem to have helped, and I am eating fruit and vegetables like they are going out of fashion.
Hopefully, today's the day!
If not, I am in great danger of exploding!

The good news is, I have no more tablets to take until the 2nd day of my next chemo cycle, which starts on 26th Jan.
(I do have some anti-sickness tablets to take if required, but they are not compulsory).

So, in a nut shell, things could be worse, and I am lucky to get away with minimal pain, discomfort and inconvenience so far to date.
Still away to go, so I won't get too complacent.

All things considered, I am not feeling too bad.
I daren't stray to far from the home, in case I get caught short, so I feel a bit like a prisoner in my own home.

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