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Friday, 28 January 2011

28th Jan - day 3 of 3rd chemo cycle

Gone off coffee again!
So it is tea for me for a few days.
Palpations, heartburn, incontinent of urine, tinnitus, complete lack of concentration and focus.
Sleeping patterns all over the place.
Everything is manageable though.

So far, so good.
I think that I have to go a day at a time, and not think to much about what is coming next.
Until it comes.........

I have been thinking about how I can help....
I am already a qualified Aromatherapist, so I thought that I would specialise in palliative care and Aromathery for people with cancer.

It is a two day course, and I can do it online.

I have been a registered organ donor since I was 18years.....and of course, now, no one will want any of my bits, nor can I give blood, so I think that this is a way that I can give something back.

Already starting to feel better!!!!

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