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Thursday, 29 December 2011

29th December 2011


Roxanne, Hicky and Sarah came.
We sat around exchanging presents and chatting.
We then played games on the Wii. That was fun......I am a little better than I was expecting to be, but, Alas, not good enough!

We then played 'Cludo'. That was huge fun!.......very much 'up my Street'
Still didn't win though! Lol!

Roxanne had a new camera for Christmas....all buttons and bells with knobs on........ were taken!

We went to the Wing Wah...table for 8 people.
Mum was unwell, and decided not to come. We only stayed out for two hours to make sure Mum wasn't left alone for long.
Roxanne, Hicky, Keith, Sarah, Derek, Richard and me made up the 'party'!

The manager offered to pay for my meal, which was wonderful! Thank you.


5 of us went to town....Roxanne, Keith, Hick, Sarah and me.
Bought  a few bits, and then back home to cook Dinner, which was ready at 16.00hrs.
We had, leg of lamb, 3 bird roast, roast potatoes, asparagus, broccalli, brussels, carrots and peas. Yummy if I say so myself as cook!

Keith and Sarah left shortly afterwards. Roxanne and Hick stayed a little longer, and then they left.
All in all, it has been fab having the family here.
(I am really exhausted now!).

Mum is still unwell. I had already made an appointment for the Doctors for this morning, (29th), but I was concerned, so I called the Doctor. He said that he would call back.
When he called back, Mum was fine!!!! Laughing, eating drinking....I felt a complete fool!
Anyway, I am still taking her to the Doctors this morning, and I have to take her to have her 'bloods' done tomorrow.

The McMillan nurse called me twice over the holiday, and seemed very suprised that I was still cooking, going out and cleaning etc!..... Mind you, as I said I an knackered now.............just stuff to do today and tomorrow, then I can relax until work on 3rd!!!!

hope that your festivities were as good as mine.
Have a great New Year!


Wendy said...

hehe I think the owner from wing wah would pay for your meal as you have probably paid for his extensions and holiday.

Love the pics, especially the one of you and Roxanne, lovely pics an great to see some new ones of you, looking gorgeous and bright.

Your Mum was faking for some peace and quiet and a cooked meal it seems :-)

Have a good day, Love us

Anonymous said...

Dieser Artikel ist derzeit, was hast du gesagt? Ich brauche, danke.

Carol said...

Kurz gesagt, ist dieser Blog über eine Frau, die mit einer seltenen Krebsform diagnostiziert wurde. Nach der Behandlung über 12 Monate, ist die Prognose, dass es unheilbar ist, und der Schriftsteller hat 4 bis 12 Monate zu leben. Der Schriftsteller ist mir. Wenn yu weitere Informationen wünschen, bitte einfach fragen.

Carol said...

Hi Wendy and Jeff,
Glad that you found me! Lol!
Probably have paid for his holidays!!!!!!
Great place though!
I bet you are right, Mum was after peace and quiet! She has a chest infection, but she seem swell now!
I do feel quite well no grumbles here! (In fact, today, me and Dougal are the only people in this house who aren't sick!) Lol!