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Thursday, 8 December 2011

8th December - Results

First, the important stuff............
The stencilled eyebrows!

After following the instructions, I had to pretty much pluck ALL  my weird and fluffy existing brows and draw completely new ones on.........(in a completely different place......)
So, tell, me, how many of YOU have nomadic eye brows? Eh!

Ok, Down to business!
Where to start.

Claire, my friend came with me.
Claire picked me up from home, and Mum looked Claire straight in the eye, and said,
'And when you come back, I want the truth!'

Well, that set us off, we were giggling because Mum made us both feel like naughty school children!

We had a great giggle!
We giggled about that, and then something else.....It was great fun!

The giggling stopped when we were in with the Doctor, but it soon started up again when we left...........(until we had to share the news with Mum and Derek).

Good news.........
Life expectancy remains pretty much the same..............
18 months, and maybe more, if I am lucky, with chemotherapy.
Under 12 months without it.

Bad news
I have cancer in my back, which we knew, (Left side).
Cancer in my lymph nodes, which we suspected. (Groin area).
I have cancer in my liver.
I have cancer in my lungs.
The cancer in my liver and lungs have taken about 5-6 weeks to grow from nothing to 2cm each. (I think that is the size she said).
My cancer is incurable.

Good news
The cancer in my lungs and liver are new, and quite small.
3 - 4 in my liver.
1 in my lungs.
I will get a McMillan Nurse in the next couple of days.
I start on morphine this week.
The prescription is being faxed from the hospital to my Doctor, so need to wait at the hospital for it.

(I asked for this because, as I said to the Doctor, If I only have 18months left, I didn't really want to spend some of this precious time in the hospital pharmacy).

I have to go and see another oncologist to discuss the proposed next course of treatment.  This is 10.30 Monday morning.

Claire took meticulous notes, and then re-wrote them neatly.............
This was so that she got it all right to tell Mum!!!!!

We were going to Bridge North, but we went to The Wing Wah instead.
I have been there so often, that I have been given a customer reward card! Hehehehehe!
I am going again on Sunday too, because Ann and Dave, my very good friends from Bristol are coming to see me.

Any way, we got back to my house.....giggles subsided, we went in to the house.
Soon as we were in the door, we were summoned to Mum's room.
I could see Claire 'gulp'.............(Hehehehe, Mum can be quite scary Lol!)
Claire was great, she read all the notes, I said little. Derek came in with a cup of coffee.
Anyway, after a short discussion, Claire went, and the house fell in to silence.

I phoned around to Keith, Roxanne, Philip, Dot, Pete and Sandra.
Derek will ring Richard and Dean.

I an feeling a bit helpless, because I know that my family and friends are upset, and that there is nothing that I can to to help them.
I also feel a bit vulnerable.


Anonymous said...

Damn! Hang in there and prove them wrong!!!

Hugs, love and good vibrations--

Angelinthemaking said...

Hello Carol, I've not felt very communicative lately but wanted to say hello to you today. I'm sorry to hear your news and understand what it's like to hear the rules of the game have changed but the goalposts are still just where they were before. I love the way you try to see the fun in things, the humour and the beauty. People say we must be angry and sad, and sometimes indeed we are but it's the smile side that sees us through... I hope your loved ones find it too.

Carol said...

Hi Lynn,
I intend to fight it...........
I'm hanging, I'm!

Hi Angel,
Thanks for the Hello,
Dare say that you know pretty much how I feel.........
If I thought that being sad and miserable would change anything, I promise you, I can be as sad and as miserable as the next person...probably more so!!!!
Great to hear from you!!!!!

bendeschaad said...

You are so brave. I wept as I read the blog. Dear Carol, If I could only do more for you.
I posted your recent blog on facebook.....I must say goodbye for today only as I am not strong enough to bear your pain abd burden today....perhaps tomorrow. Always your friend....always here for you.

Carol said...

Oh sweet Aaron,
You are such a sentimental man. Thank you so much for your kind thoughts.
Keep strong!
Carol x