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Saturday, 31 December 2011

30th December 2011

Well, I took Mum to have her bloods done...we went to a different clinic as the usual one was closed. Parking was a pain, but all done and dusted.

Anyway............I forgot to tell you.......Just for fun, I bought Mum a 'bell' for her zimmer, as using it turns her into a mad woman!

She only had the nerve to use it in Town yesterday after noon!!   lOl!
(Think that I will get her some wing mirrors and maybe some lights!!!!!)

I had some beautiful presents, I was able to personally thank most of my family and friends.
I have not been able to thank Doreen yet. She made a beautiful is a piece of art....almost sculptured. I have worn it  a number of times already. Thank you Doreen.

Not feeling too good today, so I will go now and see you tomorrow.

Wishing you all that you would wish for yourselves in 2012

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