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Thursday, 15 December 2011

15th December - after benefit advice

Well, my friend helped me...because I have this DS form from the doctor, things should be a little more straight forward.......the form is all filled in and in the post.
Under usual circumstances, I would find out in about 1 week, but we have the holidays now, so it will take about 2 weeks longer I should think..........

Anyway, you can but try!

I have been really busy today, but I have managed to get a  lot done.
Shattered now though!! Lol!

Tomorrow is my last day at work until 3rd January now, so I can get some stuff done.
Keith will be coming next week, going to see Robert, 2 x meals with friends, Pension man and McMillan nurse to see.
(Some times I wonder where I find the time to go to work!!!! LoL!)

My nephew, Gordon...(by marriage), is having his big day tomorrow.
He and his partner, Geoff, are 'tying the knot'.
I am so excited. They are in Australia, so I am hoping to get a look in via 'skype'.
I have to learn how to use it now......not much time left.
It would be a bit useful if I knew what time I needed to be 'skyped up' at this end too. Lol!
Oh, it is all exciting stuff!

I'm so excited!

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