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Friday, 23 December 2011

23rd December 2011

Well, another great and wonderful surprise yesterday!
I was given a Gift Voucher for a Spa Day for a substantial amount from my friends and colleagues from work.
This is fantastic! Thank you all so very, very much. It is very much appreciated, and I will enjoy every moment!

I went to see Robert yesterday, the drive was quite difficult for me...there were road works which lengthened the trip.
My back and hip did suffer.

I did become quite emotional. The official hand over took place. Keith is now the first point of contact, and will be attending all of the reviews and serving as Robert's advocate.

Saying good bye on this visit did bring a tear to my eye, because, I was wondering if this may be the last time that I see him.

I have decided that it can't be, and I will travel to see him as often as I am able when I am well. (Chemo starts again on 5th January).

Surprise, surprise, back to the Wing Wah today for lunch with Pete and Dot, my brother in law and sister in law. They have both been so supportive and helpful throughout the past year or so.
Keith and Mum will also be coming.....not sure if Derek and Richard are coming or nor, just have to wait and see if they turn up!

Today is the first day of my new medication regime. Humph..........
Having such a regime makes me feel as if I am ill or something!!

AND.........there is the seriousness of having to take my first tablet with water.......and sit still for half an hour.

I mean.....NO COFFEE!!!!!!  SITTING STILL!!!!!! 
How the hell am I going to do this!!!!!!!!!!!

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