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Wednesday, 5 January 2011

After the treatment, 1st day of 2nd cycle of chemo

It's lovely to see so many of you interested in today's post, - thank you.
Well, it went down the same as last time. (see post 13.12 10).
I was there with different people this time.
Actually got chatting this time, and I will be meeting them again at my next 'full hospital visit'.  (26th Jan).
So that will be good.
(We discussed bringing a game of twister and the kareoke machine, lol!)

I did get a telling off for using my phone again, and I was texting......... so I need to ignore everything that I was told about phone use, no calls no nothing!

I felt like a naughty child, Lol!
That was fun!

Back to business......
Pete came and took me to hospital, I managed to nab the same spot as last time, next to the loo!
We discussed my side effects, seems that I was very lucky to get off as lightly as I did.... probably, be worse this time. (Not if I can help it!)
I did mention my vision being affected, and I was told, yes it can be an issue, but it is very rare,
(Might have bloody guessed!) Lol!
I will see the optician next time that I am in town..............
Mum came at about 13.30....armed with more magazines and coffee!
(Pete said that he had a heavy day today, so we had a taxi back home).

I feel very light headed and tired.
That much so, that I needed physical assistance to make my way to reception to meet the taxi.
Mum helped me, bless....
If I had've gone over, we would have both ended up in a heap together.... the sick helping the sick! Lol!
But WE ARE SUPER HERO'S, and didn't....Lol!

Great to get home, I can take my head gear off and give my head a jolly good scratch!
I am really hot too, and my chest and neck are bright red! No itching or rash, just red!
I will have to see if I have a blouse to co-ordinate , Lol!

I need to take the same chemo tablets as last time for the next 2 days, along with compulsory anti-sickness meds and additional, if required ones).
(Didn't need the additional anti sickness meds last time).
I have my bucket ready and waiting by my bed, just in case!

Really have to go now, I am soooooooooo knac*kred!


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