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Thursday, 13 January 2011

14th Jan - day 10 of 2nd chemo cycle

And another good morning to you all!
side effects are much the same, the MOST noticeable are tiredness, changing eyesight, sore mouth and mouth ulcers, (not a lot of bleeding this time though -so far), and heart burn.

So far, out of the 20-21 days of each cycle, the first 5 days have been the worst, feeling a great deal better day 6-10, although, I couldn't say that I felt well, then slowly starting to feel better and better.......feeling pretty good under the circumstances by day 18, just in time for the next cycle to being, day 20-21. (Seeing the rest of this cycle out will confirm that, (or not, as the case maybe)!
The side effects seem to worsen with each cycle, so following that logic, I am expecting to feel worse during the next cycle.....Oh Joy!

I took a trip to the opticians regarding my eyesight, and was told that it was not uncommon for chemo to affect vision, and that 'normal' vision should return after the chemo.

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