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Monday, 30 April 2012

Monday 30th April- After the week end away.

Good evening every one! The article was published in the 'Birmingham Mail', and the 'Black Country Mail' on Friday thee 27th April. The exact day that I was setting off for a week end away.
(My niece, Emma, posted this on Face book, and I have just 'copied' it on to my blog!) I hadn't been back home for 20 minutes, when I had a call from the 'Express and Star', who want to publish a similar article in the next couple of days. I opened my post, to read a lovely letter from a lady a Caters News, who wants to interview me for a Women's magazine! I'm 'Gob smacked! Why am I getting all of this attention? I don't understand! Don't misunderstand me........I am loving it! Lol! (Just don't really understand why?) I have had loads of comments too.......please look at them (dates 25th, 26th, 27th, any one in a similar position could find them very helpful! I have been informed that the video showing how to put my head gear on is now on you tube...u tube...not sure how it is spelt, any way, it can be accessed vis the Compton Hospice blog....I am just going to try and get it on this blog too.......just give me a sec.......... Phew! 10 minutes later and I am working up a sweat trying to get it on here....... Any way, It is called wearing headgear with flair and it is on the Compton Hospice blog. You should be able to find the link on this blog, a bit lower down on the right hand side under my other places. Failing that, I have put it on Face book. I will keep trying, may be tomorrow.
I have a drum lesson tomorrow.... I will tell you all about and about my week end away.....made some pottery stuff, and had the highest women's score in archery for their set period of one week.........So, it was only Monday, don't confuse me with the facts when my mind is made up. I will up date you all tomorrow....really tired now, had a busy week end........... Take care!

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Wednesday 25th April 2012

Hi every one! I am completely knackered! Today was going to be a rest day, but exciting things happened! I had a call from a reporter from the Birmingham Mail. She interviewed me over the phone. She sent a photographer this after noon, and 'it' should be published in tomorrow's paper!
Woooohoooooo! I really hope that they think that it is worth it, and haven't got me muddled with some one else! Mum is fine after her fall yesterday. I took her to the Doctor's. I have to take her for more blood tests on Friday morning before I make the trip for my pottery week end away. (That is her regular 6 monthly one). She is always giving her blood away for something! Lol! I suspect that she may be supporting a secret charity..............
Tomorrow, I am at Compton Hospice. I am really glad, because I think that I may need further pain control...particularly during the night........... Roxanne will be coming tomorrow evening too, so will Claire. Keith will come on Friday morning....ready for our pottery week end away. Back on Monday, and drum lessons on Tuesday!
As I said, I am really, really tired, and I think that I should be resting. On the other hand, there is so much that I want to do with the time I have left........
I will be having all the rest in the world all too soon. And you're a long time dead.............................

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Tuesday 24th April 2012

Morning every one............ I am not sure if you remember, but I was interviewed a few weeks ago, by Helen, and by Katie. Katie published on the 'Compton Hospice Blog'. Helen said that she was waiting a while before publishing......... Well, below is an email that I received this morning, so for those of you who asked...these are the places that Helen sent the piece to........... Hi Katie and Carol, Hope you are both well. Just to let you know the press release has now gone out – I have had so many other pieces of PR to send out for Compton recently, and I didn’t want it to get lost in the stories about fund-raising etc. So if you’d like to look out for it, the press release has been sent to the following media: Wolverhampton Express & Star Wolverhampton Chronicle Birmingham Evening Mail Sunday Mercury Birmingham Post Central News Midlands Today Radio WM Beacon Radio I am also speaking to Help the Hospices about other places they may be able to use it, including the Sunday People magazine! Thanks again for all your help with this, please let me know if there’s anywhere else you think I should be sending it Hehehehehe.......I love it!
Still feeling more nauseous than before, and very, very tired........... The pain I can managed in the day time, but I am still have issues at night. Susannah's method has helped a great deal....but I need something else too. I will be speaking with the Staff at the Hospice on Thursday........maybe additional sleeping medication? Perhaps I should try the following during the preparation for 'Susannah's Method', which I use in the evenings. This may help, then again..........Lol!
I am really looking forward to the week end.....pottery, archery, being with my children and having fun! Naturally, I will take the 'Cludo' with me! Lol! Philip and Dawn are coming too. Yay! We can just 'chill'
Well, I am off now, I think that I need a little nap........
Love and Light to you all!
And Oodles of hugs.
Well, I was going to have a nap, I saw Mum strolling up the garden, because she likes to feed the birds. Seconds later, 'Slat'! Mum had a fall! I went to make sure that she was OK, check for potential injuries......thankfully, only a grazed knee, and a cut to her head. Mum is on Warfarin, so I need to keep an eye on the bleeding. Seems to be OK now. I have cleaned it and put a plaster on.. Next step off to the Doctors. I need to just wait until she is feeling confident enough. She is a bit shocked!

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Sunday 22nd April 2012

Well, the sun is shining, and drying up all the rain...........Lol! Reminds me of 'Incy wincy spider'............... Incy Wincy Spider Climbed the water spout, Down came the rain And knocked the Spider out. Out came the sunshine And dried up all the rain. Incy Wincy Spider Climbed up the spout again.
Oddly enough, I was doing some craft work with my niece and nephew yesterday, and we recited this! They are so well behaved, it's a joy. Over the past couple of days, I have been experiencing more and more pain. Two hourly pain relief doesn't seem to be 'cutting it' any more. I will speak to the staff at Compton Hospice on Thursday. I suppose that I could have accepted radiotherapy, but the Doctor implied that it would be directed at my hip, which is painful, there is no doubt,........... but the greatest pain is my chest and the right side of my abdomen, both front and back. My left groin is painful too....... I tried to sit on the floor 'cross legged' with the children yesterday, my right leg was fine, but my left.......bloody really did hurt. Ouch! May be I need to take up yoga!
Naw.......I don't think so! Oh well, enough of this 'feeling sorry for myself'............ Let's just have a quick group hug, and get on with this wonderful life!
Oh, my! Look at that! The sun has just gone in again! That will teach me! That's what comes of moaning! I need to give myself a 'talking to' and get a grip!
Have a 'Sun Shiny Day!'

Saturday, 21 April 2012

21st April 2012

Good Morning every one!
Roxanne left on Friday, and Keith left on Saturday.
I will be seeing them both again on Friday, because we are off to our 'pottery weekend'. Lol! I am really looking forward to it. Philip and Dawn are coming...Philip is really in to golf, and they have a couple of huge golf courses, so that should be fun.
Speaking of Philip, he brought his electronic drum kit for me to use on Thursday evening. Keith erected it for me, and left me with some basis drum beats, and clear instructions...(he used to be a drummer in a band when he was at college). My Mum pointed out to me that the electronic drums are not as quiet as I first thought! Lol! Oh, well, you can't make an omelette with out breaking eggs!
I have practiced a little, and then came down with an innocent look on my face.............
when I have been greeted with Mum's furrowed brow!
The other day, I went out with Roxanne, (I think that it was the day that I picked her up). Anyway, I was wearing odd shoes, one maroon and one green, no one noticed, or if they did, no one said anything! (And where is it written that all shoes must be matching when worn, or socks come to that?) I think that I have had my mind hi-jacked!
Yesterday, I went to see Dot, my sister in law for a couple of minutes.I didn't bother with make up, dressing well and head gear...I save that for 'proper' going out, not just 'popping' out. (I do look a bit unwell with out all that stuff)....never the less, I popped out. Forgot to put shoes on, so I still had my 'sudden hi vis pink booties on, they have orange and black leopard print on them too)...That was an accident, but my blouse, I wore deliberately...I really liked it! I was asked if I had just been on a 'Fun Run'! Lol! (The blouse is hi vis orange), well, I LIKE it! Lol!
I have been spending time just slobbing...I am getting really tired quite quickly and my appetite is waning by the second, but I have been forcing food down myself...then I have to be still and quiet for about half an hour, in fear of it all making a 'grand re-appearance!' lol!
And..............Yay! To Susannah's method!

Thursday, 19 April 2012

19th April 2012

Sorry that I have been away for so long, I have been really busy......(resulting in being really knackered!)

Anyway, Roxanne came the day before yesterday, (she is going home today), she keeps me on track!

and straight from picking her up from the train station we took Dougal for a shampoo and set! Lol!
He looks so sweet, clean and fluffy!
When he came out, he was 'prancing' was very sweet to see!

Yesterday, I had an appointment at the hospital, and Roxanne came with me.
Well, not a great deal to say.........I have lost half a stone in 6 weeks, (no surprise there then, after, it is to be expected).
I was offered 'radiotherapy' as a method of pain control. I said that I was in pain, but that the meds that I am on are working so far, but keep the offer open in case the pain gets unbearable for me. (I am a whimp! Lol!.......I would much sooner be pumped full of morphine if I am in that much pain, Lol!)
Well, time will tell.

Keith came back yesterday evening, and he has to return on Friday evening.
I will contact Compton Hospice and say that I wont be there today, because Keith is here all day.

Claire came last night too. Oh, she does make me laugh! We all had a great time.
Claire left a message on my phone before she came, and it said something like.....
' Alright matey, you still OK for me to come tonight, I don't want to come if you are sleepy, because you are so boring when you're tired!'
There you go, that's what I like, say it as it is, lol! (I DO know that she was joking, because she would have come even if I said not to because I'm tired!)

Anyway, I was saying that I have a problem sleeping all night because the pain wakes me after about 4 hours sleep.........
Well, Claire has a friend called Susanna (hope that I have spelled it right)....she too has a similar issue with pain during the night, Claire said that Susanna had found a solution, and phoned Susanna so that we could discuss it. We chatted on the phone like we had known each other forever, when in fact, we have never!
Anyway, sounds like a great plan, so, tonight is when I try it....Susanna's method! Cheers Susanna.

The Heron came back yesterday, and just 'parked it's self in the garden and had a look around, didn't go in to the pond though....he probably remembers that he had all of my bloody fish on his last visit!
Daisy Duck as been around daily, but I haven't seen Don....
Well, Claire in her very insightful and tactful manner suggested that......
'May be she has given him 'the elbow'............ Lol!

Any way, the long and the short is, I have had a great couple of days, and I intend to have so many more like it!

Hope that you all have a great Day!

Monday, 16 April 2012

Info on claiming pension if you are terminally ill - Guest Blogger, The lovely Claire

Hi Everyone!
As promised, Claire, my friend, has agreed to be my guest blogger today with some very useful information and examples.

Please understand that this is not advice, it is information on an option for people who are terminally ill.

Notes for claiming early retirement pension in respect of serious ill-health

It is really important to provide as much information as you can with regard to your employment, and pension membership if you have them. However, if you do not have accurate details or you are not sure whether you joined the pension scheme of your Employer or previous employer, you can still get details of the pension providers on the Company website and request that they investigate whether you have any pension benefits.

• An example letter is attached which you can send with all of the relevant details completed

• If you have any copies of correspondence with regard to your pension, send a copy with your letter

• It is important to be as clear and detailed of your condition and also any information you have been given with regard to your life expectancy (if applicable).

• Make sure that you contact the Provider after 2 or 3 weeks if you have not received any correspondence and if you have received an acknowledgement of your enquiry, make sure you have a response when promised and chase if not.

• It is important to return information requested as soon as you can.

• You may be asked to attend an independent medical examination which the provider will arrange for you or they may ask for details of your own GP and authorisation to contact your GP/Consultant for details of your condition.

• There may be a number of options available to you if you are eligible to take your pension benefits early, and in some cases, where you may have life time limitation, you may be able to commute your pension benefits for a cash lump sum.

• Pension benefits are individual to each person and you must make sure you completely understand your options, and ask for independent financial advice if you need to

And, below is an example letter, if you choose to pursue this option.



Address of pension provider

Dear Sir/Madam
Name of Pension Scheme or Name of Company/Organisation Pension Reference (if available)

I was a member of the above pension scheme from (Date) to (Date) and I would be grateful for details of my pension benefits.
My full name is (Name), and my previous names have been (maiden names , any deed poll name changes etc)
My Date of Birth is (Date of Birth)
My National Insurance Number is (National Insurance Number)
I have been diagnosed with (name of condition), and I am unable to work/have been informed that this condition is terminal, and I would like to take my pension benefits with immediate effect.

Please could you send me a quotation of the options available to me, and please let me know if you need any further details.

Yours sincerely/faithfully

Signature of claimant
Print name of claimant

Well, there you have it!
What ever you choose to do..............

I would like to give a big thank you to Claire Tumelty for giving her time and sharing her knowledge.
Thank you Claire!

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Sunday 15th April 2012

Keith went back home on Wednesday evening, but he will be back next Thursday. My brother Philip is coming for a couple of hours on Thursday evening too, Roxanne will also be back then.

I was at Compton Hospice all day, and spent most of it jewellery making! Really up my street that was! There weren't many patients there though.............

Although it was a bit drizzley, I still took my lunch time 'constitutional' around the grounds, I find it very cathartic.

I went to the Wing Wah on Thursday evening with my friends from work. Claire, Faye, Leigh, Sarah,Ruth, Doreen, Mike and of course, Roxanne came from the station.....oh, and me...I was there! lol!
It was great, I had a fantastic time, and it was great to see them all. We had loads of very childish fun....balloon animals on heads and such like Heheheheh! Second childhood, may it remain with me for ever! Lol!
I am hoping to put some pics on....the other girls had better shots than me, so I am going to ask for a copy of theirs!
I really, really enjoyed it, so, hopefully we will do it again soon.
Roxanne arrived Thursday evening too, and came straight to the Wing Wah from the station.

Friday morning, we went to Penkridge with another friend, Jean, and we had a great time, we had fruit cake, scones and cream, and shortbread with nuts......yummy scrummy!

Friday afternoon, me and Roxanne took a stroll around town. We had to go, because I bought Mum a mobile for seniors. It has an SOS button on it, and it is so simple to use.....anyway, it didn't come with a SIM so I had to go and get one. (Mum has to start to go to places on her own now, because, some days, I just can't).

On the way home, we popped in to see Dot and Pete. We stayed for about 1 1/2 hours.
I started to feel really unwell whilst I was there, and I had to make a mad dash to the loo as I was quite sick. I did apologise, but bless, they didn't mind, and were really concerned.

Saturday, I had a duvet day! I was still feeling unwell, but I kept still and quiet. The things that I did were too book the 'house' for a week that I was telling you about, and the 'pottery week end'.

This is the actual house. Ridge Farm in Surrey, it accommodating 24 people, games room, indoor pool, jaccuzi, sauna.....ooooo bliss!

The house is booked from Tuesday 8th May until Tuesday 15th May, and the crafty week end is 27th, 28th and 29th April.

Roxanne set up Mum's phone.
Roxanne went back home on Saturday afternoon, but she will be back on Tuesday.

Today is another duvet day!

Just peel me a grape and fan me!!! Aaaahhhhhhhh! Lovely!