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Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Tuesday 3rd April 2012

Had a great day today.

My friend Jacky came to see me and she bought me some really jazzzy nail colours!
We chatted and drank coffee for a couple of hours, it was really enjoyable.

In the afternoon, me and Mum went into town, well, her walking frame wasn't in the car, because I forgot to put it back in when I came back from Phil and Dawn's.

Mum did that much zimmer to hang of the bags on, so I had to buy a small, cheap suitcase that you can pull on wheels, to put all her stuff in!

My bloody feet were killing me when we got home, although, to be fair, I did have loads of rests in between as usual.

It is Roxanne's birthday tomorrow, and her husband Tom has whipped her off for a short break to Devon. It was a surprise to her as well! Fantastic!

Keith phoned, and said that there was a fluttering of snow in the Lake district today! What a shock after having such a wonderful week.

Shouldn't be surprised really though, it is coming up to the Spring break!

My friend Jean phoned today too, it was great to catch up, hope to see here soon.
Tomorrow, I intend to just slob around in my jim jams and watch all the vet programmes and animal documentaries all day! Just supply me with beverages and I will be like a pig in clover!

Oh...and can't share this potential good news yet, because I haven't had confirmation sorry, we still need to wait a bit!

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