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Saturday, 7 April 2012

Saturday 7th April 2012

Good evening.
Today as been a bit damp and blustery, but not unpleasant. I just hope that the week of good weather we had earlier isn't going to be the last of the sunshine this year.

Yesterday, I was really tired, so I went back to bed for a nap.
I had just drifted off, when I woken and asked to move my car so that The man from 'sky' could get close enough to secure the dish. (As the only driver in the house, I got up and moved the car).
I couldn't go back to bed, because I had to wait for the 'Sky' man to finish so that I could put the car back.
Hey ho......'The plans of mice and men' ......and all that!

Well, today I needed to go to town....why?
The day before yesterday, I went into town with Mum, as she needed some more skirts.
Anyway, she bought some. I suggested that she needed a smaller size. She said no.
So I suggested that she try them on..........Another no.
Oh, well, on your head be it!

So, Mum got the clothes home, took all the labels off, threw them away, along with the receipts, and put the skirts in the wardrobe.
This morning, she put one of them on, and guess what?........
Yep, you've got it!
We needed to go to town to change them. Humph!

Now, we are in the car, all packed, zimmer and all....I turn the key.....all I got was
wurrrr wurrrr, wurrr...............
I tried a number of times...the same result.
In the end, I called the RAC.

While I waited, I was thinking, Oh No! My car is broken! My lovely, lovely car....
Ooooo, how much is that going to cost...panic, panic....................

Any way, the RAC man arrived, and I asked,
'Could it be the timing?'
He gave me a strange look, and said,
'When is the last time that you looked under your bonnet?
'Me? Look under the bonnet, behave yourself!''
'Ah, I thought so, cars haven't had 'timing' for years!'
'Oh. OK, what is it then?'
'Did you just move it a couple of feet, and then turn the engine off?'
'Yes, yesterday'.
'That's it then, you flooded it'.
The RAC man got behind the wheel, started her up, and revved the engine. Good as new!

I got so excited, I started to hug my car, hug the man, hug my car again....thank you thank you, thank you!

I then got another very, very strange look, and I sensed that he was eager to get on............In fact, he looked a bit scared! Lol!

He left but not before he explained why my car did what it did.
Apparently, moving the car and switching off before the engine had warmed up, ie, the little blue light in the shape of a 'C' went out, I had flooded the engine.
So there you go....It's easy when you know......................

So, off to town, couldn't exchange the skirts because there were no we replaced them. I managed to talk Mum into trying them on...and she had bought the last lot 2 sizes too big!

I don't know, parents are getting more and more difficult to bring up................



Thandi said...

I like how you turn frustrating events into something comedic.

Carol said...

Hi Thandi,
Thanks for you comment.......If I didn't laugh, I would probably cry! Lol!