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Thursday, 5 April 2012

5th April 2012

Well, I have been to Compton Hospice today.
In the morning, some students from the local college came and showed us how to do flower arranging with beautiful fresh flowers, and how to make a stunning button hole for weddings and the like.

When the flower arrangements were complete, the finished work was donated to Compton so that we could make a donation and take them home.

I picked up a beauty, and gave to my mother as a gift, and I put the button hole in my head gear.

This afternoon, I was video'd putting my head gear on. It was for a demonstration for the Hospice Blog. I will have a copy to put on this blog, and I am led to believe that it will be put on 'you tube' too!
The excitement of it all.....ooooooooo!

(Mind you, I was expected to speak all the way through it, and not knowing what to say really, I came out with a load of old rubbish, I think!) Lol!

Oh, well, I will find out soon enough!

The exciting news....well sadly, it seems that I have to wait a week or so for that!

Today has been quite a nice day weather wise.....complete madness!
Last week it was like summer....yesterday it the sun is shining!

So confusing.

Anyway, have a great holiday! I hope that the sun shines on your parades!

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