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Thursday, 19 April 2012

19th April 2012

Sorry that I have been away for so long, I have been really busy......(resulting in being really knackered!)

Anyway, Roxanne came the day before yesterday, (she is going home today), she keeps me on track!

and straight from picking her up from the train station we took Dougal for a shampoo and set! Lol!
He looks so sweet, clean and fluffy!
When he came out, he was 'prancing' was very sweet to see!

Yesterday, I had an appointment at the hospital, and Roxanne came with me.
Well, not a great deal to say.........I have lost half a stone in 6 weeks, (no surprise there then, after, it is to be expected).
I was offered 'radiotherapy' as a method of pain control. I said that I was in pain, but that the meds that I am on are working so far, but keep the offer open in case the pain gets unbearable for me. (I am a whimp! Lol!.......I would much sooner be pumped full of morphine if I am in that much pain, Lol!)
Well, time will tell.

Keith came back yesterday evening, and he has to return on Friday evening.
I will contact Compton Hospice and say that I wont be there today, because Keith is here all day.

Claire came last night too. Oh, she does make me laugh! We all had a great time.
Claire left a message on my phone before she came, and it said something like.....
' Alright matey, you still OK for me to come tonight, I don't want to come if you are sleepy, because you are so boring when you're tired!'
There you go, that's what I like, say it as it is, lol! (I DO know that she was joking, because she would have come even if I said not to because I'm tired!)

Anyway, I was saying that I have a problem sleeping all night because the pain wakes me after about 4 hours sleep.........
Well, Claire has a friend called Susanna (hope that I have spelled it right)....she too has a similar issue with pain during the night, Claire said that Susanna had found a solution, and phoned Susanna so that we could discuss it. We chatted on the phone like we had known each other forever, when in fact, we have never!
Anyway, sounds like a great plan, so, tonight is when I try it....Susanna's method! Cheers Susanna.

The Heron came back yesterday, and just 'parked it's self in the garden and had a look around, didn't go in to the pond though....he probably remembers that he had all of my bloody fish on his last visit!
Daisy Duck as been around daily, but I haven't seen Don....
Well, Claire in her very insightful and tactful manner suggested that......
'May be she has given him 'the elbow'............ Lol!

Any way, the long and the short is, I have had a great couple of days, and I intend to have so many more like it!

Hope that you all have a great Day!

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