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Monday, 2 April 2012

Monday April 2nd 2012

I had a great week end with Philip, Dawn, Keith and Roxanne. It was fabulous!
As I said, they live in a tiny village called Wormleighton, thatched roofs, no electric street lighting, over looking country side......just wonderful!
There were horses, ducks, chickens, rabbits, sheep.....oooooooo...lovely!

Any way, as it is a small cottage, there is a 'child proof' gate between the living room and the kitchen. This is to keep Sam, (a lovely. black spaniel), from coming straight in to the sitting room with wet feet.

Well, I woke first, and came down stairs for a coffee.
The 'gate' was closed as Sam sleeps in the kitchen.
It was a lovely morning, so I thought that I would have my coffee in the garden and let Sam out at the same time..................that sounds easy enough.................


Could I get that bloody 'child proof' gate open! No!
It was too high for me to step over, so I put a dining chair this side of the gate and a dining chair the other side of the gate.........up on to one chair, step over on to the other, then feet on the floor!
Coffee made and me and Sam out in the problem! Lol!

I know that Sam was a bit startled!

I must have looked some thing like this! Lol!

Roxanne was the next up.........she was horrified when she saw my little assault course!
(So I had a bit of a telling off for no waking her)........Roxanne opened it 'just like that!'

I had a go on Philip's electronic drum kit...that was fun! Keith came and 'tried' to teach me the very basics! Lol!
It was fun! Philip said that I could borrow them, but I am still going to have lessons.

The chickens...................
There are all ex battery hens, and have been rescued, what a great change it must be for them.

From this...........

To this.........

Having said that, I have discovered a great new spectator sport!

Watching Dawn and Roxanne 'round the chickens up' to put them in the house for the night!
Yep......I would definitely pay! Lol!

We also played some board games.....I love board games!
We played a game called 'Logo', and a game called 'Articulate'!. I loved it!
We all had loads of fun!

Thanks Phil and Dawn, for a great week end!

Oh, and by the way, Sam, the dog, has his own face book page.....
look for 'Sir Samual Vimes'!

AND................ some really exciting news tomorrow about the fund raising for Compton Hospice..............

Have a great day!


cleo said...

how wonderful that you had such good times honey! It does so well! Hope for you that you often may have such wonderful times! as I sit here waiting for my former neighbor to come by to take me to a jazzconcert ha! Once a month!! I love it!! Hugs for you and see you on FB, oxoxxo Cleo

Dawn said...

Me and Philip had fun too - thanks for coming to stay.

Carol said...

Hope that you have a great time at the Jazz concert!
See you on fb later.

I am really pleased that you both enjoyed it too.
We will have to do it again soon!
love 'n' stuff x