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Thursday, 12 April 2012

12th April 2012

Good evening all!

As you know, Keith was here with me for a few days, we spend loads of time together, just him and me. It was great!

On Tuesday, I had two lovely children here for a few hours. We made some cards and did some 'stamping'. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and they were both very well behaved.

Yesterday, I was picked up from home, and taken to work to spend some time with the tenants. It was a great day, and fantastic to see them all again. Sandra had prepared a buffet. The tenants made a collection and bought me a wonderful bouquet.
I took some photos of the tenants, and one of the tenants took some group photos. Sadly, I can't show them here as I have not had their permission....(but believe me, they are fab!) lol!

Today, I was at Compton Hospice. We did jewellery making, well, that is right up my street!
I really had a great day.
Apart from dropping a box of teeny weeny seed beads all over the floor, and then dropping some other piece of gear in to my cream cake...everything was fine! lol!
I even had to empty my shoes of these bloody beads when I got home! (No wonder my feet felt a little uncomfortable!) Hey ho, we all suffer with a bit of 'dropsy' some times!

This evening, Claire is picking me up, and taking me to.............wait for it................
The Wing Wah! Tar Raaaaaaa! LOL!

About seven of us are meeting up...that will be great.
There is nothing in the world like friends........

Roxanne is coming later this evening, and we are going to spend some wonderful time together.

Tomorrow, I am off with Roxanne and another friend to see this 'special cake shop' in Penkridge.
I will report back!


Tina said...

Love your posts and your sincerity! Everyday
I take the positiveness in you to aid in building mine!!
You inspire beyond words!!!


Carol said...

Hi Tina,
Thank you for your lovely comment!
I am so happy that you feel that my is inspiring, that makes me want to carry on. I hope that you feel as well as you can at all times. Please feel free to share if you want to. If you want a private chat or rant, I am sure that we can arrange that too.
Take car, and thank you again.

cleo said...

wonderful how you get on and on in such a positive way dedra Carol!! Again I admire your spirit!! If you keep on doing so one has a chance to cure all ugliness in the world!! including sickness and pain!
Keep on with your life and I will follow your stories whenever I can, love you girl!oxoxox hugs, Cleo